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Comment Re:Contrast with Google WiFi Geolocation Opt-out (Score 1) 198

It's interesting to see the contrast in comments between this story, and the recent Google WiFi Geolocation Opt-Out story

Particularly since it's similar to how Google gets some of its traffic data.

"We only use anonymous speed and location information to calculate traffic conditions, and only do so when you have chosen to enable location services on your phone."

Comment Why Facebook (Score 1) 252

Why a Facebook app? Can you share your findings with your friends or something?

Are people really unable to visit another website any more?

Oh wait, maybe the answer is in the link...."This new app leverages the power of social media to connect New Yorkers to an important resource"

Oh, it 'leverages'... I see.

Comment Migration (Score 1) 499

I used to store backups on floppy, then CD, DVD, removable HDs (storing some away from home).

Now I rsync files to a server which creates an encrypted copy on a USB disk and then mirrors that backup to S3.

The point is that I have a set of directories that migrate from medium to medium as as appropriate for the time.

Occasionally I change the way they're stored and backed up, but the files will exist as long as someone can be bothered to look after them.

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