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Comment Re:CPU & GPU performance not relevant (Score 2) 197

I think I might be one of the few that actually likes the Atom I have a netbook I actually use for tons of stuff and the Atom gives me over a ten hour battery. I basicly use the netbook for everything I would do on my desktop and it works fine I've even watched 720p videos on it.

I think the early Atoms might have been poor and that's how they got the bad rep but the one in my netbook seems to be pretty good to me and I really like the battery life.

Comment phonedog who (Score 1) 267

Know nothing about the company I've honestly never heard of them ever but reading this story makes me dislike them. Ironicly I do recognise Noah from revision 3 podcasts so I think it's much more likely him being followed than phonedog. May well be a case of him being bigger than the company and pure jealousy, in my opinion it's very likely the followers will all leave on mass if they do get the account.

Comment Windows (Score 1) 309

Couldn't you just get a big glass panels that blocked the IR light spectrum I'm pretty sure you can already buy glass that does this and I don't see why it wouldn't work. A bit cumbersome maybe or perhaps I'm missing something.

Comment Re:Very few performance issues? (Score 1) 206

I've tried it out on my netbook as well and it was pretty flawless I was really impressed at the lack of lag I had and it does mean you can play the newer games on really basic hardware. So far I've only done the free trials but I'm thinking about getting the new Deus Ex game and possibly Homefront on it.

Comment Sick of dirty tricks (Score 1) 325

I just find it sickening I think the only reason it's Samsung being targeted and not the others is that they were the first to make devices both thinner more powerful and with better screens than anything Apple has brought to the table. As for Apple claiming foul over design similaritys it's their own fault for being so minimalistic and there were a few almost Identical looking tablets before the iPad was on the scene.

I think it's obvious this isn't even about design it's about not wanting competition on a level playing field.

Comment Re:Still not acceptable for serious collectors (Score 1) 147

I think I can top this the UK branch of game tryed to pull a fast one on me basicly I wanted to buy a ridge racer game for the PSP new and I'd lifted the relevent box out of the New games section. The cashier made several attempts to attempt to make me buy a used copy instead (I can only assume they make more profit second hand) after basicly an argument over me not wanting a used copy the sale went through for a new copy.

I got out the door and luckily checked what I'd bought they had given me and obviously used copy and charged me the full retail price, the UMD case was even cracked the manual was a mess after a second argument and a massive waste of my time I eventually got new shrinkwrapped copy.

I don't know how they can possibly believe stunts like this benefit them I haven't bought anything from them since.

Comment I disagree (Score 1) 138

I've an iPod Touch 64gb and a lot of games on it but really they just aren't very good and I personally can't wait for the Vita. On top of that the Itunes games are a minefield of freemium and IAP's which I can't stand it's like being harassed by beggars. I've bought a lot of games on itunes probably close to 300 in all and yet there are only a handful I've put any real time into the rest are just space fillers.

Battery life playing games on the Ipod is terrible and you are lucky to get an hour and a half on a full charge while my PSP still gets about the 5 hour mark and then has the lucury of switching batterys.

I've been going back to my PSP more and more lately and despite not even liking the 3DS I'm tempted to buy it as a stopgap until Vita although mainly just for the Streetfighter IV 3D.

I can also say that after apples court shennagins with Samsung and some other companys I don't intend to ever replace my iPod for a new one so they have lost at least one customer because of it.

Comment Netbooks (Score 1) 557

I've always wondered how my netbook can boot so fast I think it's easily within 30 seconds and it isn't even using an ssd just a normal 250gb drive and the Windows 7 it came with.

My desktop is probably only slightly slower and that one is still on vista and needs replaced maybe I've just lucky in this respect.

It does seem strange to me I'd love to see how fast I could boot them with a fast SSD.

Comment Re:They can't kill FM any time soon (Score 3, Interesting) 108

I don't rate digital radio at all it's worse quality than FM not to mention the radios themselves suck up way more power and seem to break incredibly quickly. Of all things digital I can think of digital radio is the only one that's really a step backwards in my opinion.

Wouldn't suprise me if they forced this through anyway though for a short term profit.

Comment Re:Steam-punk appeal (Score 1) 505

Yeah I have a G-Shock Tough Solar WaveCeptor.

I just go for pure durability with my watches but the thought of it setting the time itself appealed to me. It corrects the time itself a few times a day and the Solar powered aspect seems to works well I've never seen the power indicator drop. Nice thing about the G-Shock line is there are so many models you can always find something to your taste and their all very hard to damage accidently.

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