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Comment I used to do the hiring for my company, and... (Score 1) 359

1. i used to recruit on craigslist, cuz that's where the smart and nerdy people were. now it's just weird poor people.

2. i would print all the resumes and cover letters, read them carefully, and throw out any that had even the slightest spelling or grammar mistake (and I'm a grammar nazi) - though I'm sure I'll make a mistake in this post...

3. in the interview, i would do my best to find out if the guy was a fucking idiot or not. "what percentage of ducks have below average IQ (for a duck)?", "how may fire hydrants are there in vancouver?", "write some code that does this". "tell me an example of when you went above the call of duty"

that's about it. we got some good hires.

Comment Answers to Common Questions (Score 1) 462

Q & A 1. What is the point? - Many business owners have had their bank accounts wiped out (via wire xfer). They do not get deposit insurance (it's only for individuals) 2. Why Linux and not something else? - Linux is free. OSX is a good alternative, but it ain't free. 3. Why CD and not USB? - CD is read only. Just a little extra precaution 4. Why not use those little FOBs that show a different password every 30 seconds? (Two factor auth) - Cause you can get around those. Trojan can create Firefox plugin. Rewrite bank website homepage so you put in account number and password on homepage (instead of split over multiple pages). Trojan transmits this to its master, then logs you into bank. I've even seen trojans that will rewrite your bank account balance info so you don't know your money is gone til it's too late. 5. Why can't I run linux in a virtual machine in windows? - Key loggers 6. But the LiveCD won't always be up to date - True. But we're talking about using Linux and Firefox to browse only your bank's website. And your bank should send you a new disk every 3 months or so. 7. What about Windows PE off a CD? - I guess. But I'd feel safer with Linux. 8. What else? - DNS poisoning might be a problem. You might want to consider an old school dial up connection directly to your bank - Make sure you close your browser immediately after logging out of your bank session - If your BIOS gets rootkitted, you are SOL

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