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Comment Re:Is This Progress vs Tradition? (Score 2) 594

You must also like losing characters, items and hosted environments and getting locked out of the game thanks to bugs and connection troubles and game balance changing patches you can't reject.

That's what I was sorely missing from my single player games, yep.

P.S.: With a bit of symlinking, I just make most of my games save on Dropbox. It's free, it retains older versions if corruption happens and it leaves me offline copy, which gives ability to easily move to another cloud storage service. No need for Blizzard lock-in.

Comment Re:Citation (Score 1) 186

You're quoting wrong parts, as every Wi-Fi device uses same "frequencies in question" and "licensed user" is any certified Wi-Fi card.

But further down the page there's applicable excerpt from RIPA:

".. intentionally and without lawful authority to intercept, at any place in the United Kingdom, any communication in the course of its transmission by means of:
a public postal service;
a public telecommunication system."

Which seems to mean that because it was seen as accidental before, it was not included, and now that it seems to be intentional, there might be a new investigation - see my previous message.

Comment Re:If you have something that you don't want (Score 1) 186

Care to provide citations? Especially considering the legal status of Wi-Fi.

Because a) it might fall under general transmission and not require any special permission to receive (just as it doesn't require any special permission to transmit), and b) your interpretation makes even just scanning for networks around you criminal - as in that screen which shows available networks in your phone settings and such. You see, I didn't give your phone a permission to receive my SSID and protection state - even though they are transmitted in the clear. I transmit them only for my laptop and phone.

Comment Re:False choice (Score 2) 439

Yeah, did you notice how Nokia's the only maker under "windows phone"?.. Oh, right, they're still in there with same HTC, LG and Samsung. But while HTC, LG and Samsung Android phones all look different - at least to some degree, HTC, LG, Samsung and Nokia WinPhones all look the same. So, from whom exactly are they differentiating there?

Comment Re:Here we go again... (Score 1) 715

We should just forbid any communications on non-work related themes. All communication should be done in text form or using a speech synthesizer to avoid possibility of others made feel unwelcome by your voice - may be it's your accent (hispanic, southern american or Queen's English, or any other), creepy heavy breathing or unpleasant lisp.

We should also prohibit any personal contact, lest somebody gets offended by someone's appearance or manners. Everyone should work in a completely isolated personal space, leave and arrive at work separately.

This way we'll create completely unbiased, gender-, race- and culture- neutral environment, equally (un)welcoming for everyone.

Comment Re:Have you ever been to a Ruby conference? (Score 4, Insightful) 715

Because there's difference between coding style and significant whitespace.

// Somebody pasted a few lines, but didn't reindent last line.
// Still correct syntax, still does the same, Reindent All fixes the formatting and everybody's happy.
  if (x) {
# Somebody pasted a few lines, but didn't reindent last line.
# Still correct syntax, statement3 errorneously executes every time, IDE doesn't help (it could reindent _when pasting_, not after the fact). Have fun debugging!
  if x:

Comment Re:What About Machine Language and Assembly? (Score 2) 316

First, your BNF example is lame because it describes only grammar of a language - but grammar alone doesn't make a language and there's no standard notations for all the rest of what makes a language.

Second, yes, language expressed in these forms is an expression of idea. That is, you can copyright a BNF description of grammar, and even specification of your language, but they're _expressions of idea of a language_, but not the language itself.

Saying that copyright on specification is copyright on the language is like saying copyright on a book is copyright on its plot.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 235

But of course they have to be paid more now that they work more efficiently and provide more skills to the company.

The proper solution would be a kind of subsidized loan on the training - send them to study, raise the pay and then recover the training costs from the wages.

Want to jump ship? Return the loan. Gonna stay with us after the loan ends? Great, enjoy your raised pay.

Comment Re:Must be Lisp under the hood (Score 1) 103

Capital letters mean variables, evaluation is by rewriting and pattern matching.

Seems like it's trying to substitute every mention of Factorial for "if (Number

factorial Number = if (Number <=1 ) then 1 else (Number * factorial (Number -1))

this works

As well as this:

Number! = if (Number <=1 ) then 1 else (Number * (Number -1)!)

You can even write something like "X plus Y minus Z = X+Y-Z" and ask it for "5 plus 4 minus 9"

Comment Re:Real world microkernels? (Score 1) 120

They do. Filesystems and device drivers are on the kernel side in monolithic OSes, FUSE/CUPS/SANE/graphics drivers with minimal kernel mode parts/etc. muddy the difference.

It's easy to declare an OS as microkernel or _not_ microkernel, but "monolithic" is pretty much meaningless term, unless you just define anything non-microkernel to be monolithic.

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