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Comment Re:Give me a break (Score 1) 542

Agree on the PARC comment - once I saw that I stopped reading. Apple PAID Xerox for the access to their lab in stock. Xerox was rooting for Apple to succeed and they weren't doing a damn thing with Star, the DLion, or anything else that was making a profit. Except sell more toner.

Comment Re:Marketing-driven products (Score 1) 273

You need to think like a big corporation.

When they say: "Every TV set we all make loses money" it doesn't mean what you think it means.

What they are really saying is "Every TV set we all make doesn't continue to make us money once it's been sold"

Nonsense. Read the article: "Sony said last week that it expects a loss of more than $1 billion in the fiscal year through March, in part because of its struggling television business, which has been a thorn in its side for close to a decade. The business has bled red ink because of plunging prices and declining demand."

Comment Re:Predatory Business Practice? (Score 1) 218

I think they're charging for bringing in new subscribers, not offering someone else's content. How is this different from the cheap subscriptions repackagers sell for which the publisher gets $0 but the name of a new sucker to send renewal notices to? Most magazines and newspapers sell their wares for the cost of physical publication, and make the money for content and profit from ads. That argues the eventual subscription price will be $0.00 for which Apple's 30% cut will not be an issue.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 0) 148

Only clueless moron would buy ANYTHING from itunes. The fresh fruit is free (of the hardware and software), the rotten fruit is to bind yourself to one manufacturer.

Parse that for me will you? Isn't fruit (and brains for that matter) hardware? Isn't the software your mind? the notion "fresh fruit" is already bound to both hardware and software. Suggest you work on your metaphors and your case isn't helped by the ad hominim.

Comment Re:Mattress! (Score 1) 345

False yourself. A "dollar" was originally, and in the proverbial grandparent's day, a denotation of an amount of gold. Before fiat money came along, one could exchange gold notes for gold and silver notes for silver, and the amount of gold or silver one exchanged (either way) didn't change with time. Once the link between currency and any kind of backing store was broken, the "value" of the money was no longer fixed. An hour of labor, a pencil, or whatever, no longer had some common measure (or they did, but the paper money devalued).

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