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Comment Re:It doesnt take 2 brain cells ..... (Score 1) 422

Well part of the appeal of consoles is that you don't have to worry about minimum requirements or having to install special packages etc to play. just pop in the disc and go. Your suggestion would make a console about as desirable as a PC in that case if you'd have to upgrade every now and then. Also, developers would have to decide what hardware configuration to support, and that would still result in some increased development time, and it'd be quite a hassle for consumers if developers decided to develop only for the newest GPU/CPU combo for some reason.

Comment Indeed (Score 1) 973

As a 17 year old, I must agree with Eleannor or w/e on the fact that credit cards are often required to purchase things online. I would have loved to get TF2 and HL2 through steam when they were like $10 each, but I don't have a credit card and they require one, and my parents don't like using them online due to keylogger concerns (with which I agree). Sometimes access is restricted in such a way that acquiring it through legal means is simply not possible. another example, $100 "concrete mathematics" book, nvidia's gpu gems books...there's just no way my parents are gonna pay for that. although there's always getting a job...

Comment Re:"simple" threading (Score 1) 140

Well I guess for the arduino's case you're right. It's already pretty dumbed down since they remove the need to know about port registers/actual serial communication/etc so not having to worry about threading would fit its purpose. It might be better if the actual arduino people implemented it into its standard language though.

Comment No... (Score 1) 371

Microsoft's actually been pretty useful. The blame is on the people who have installed it in critical systems. Ever since I've read anything about medical systems and the like ,something they always repeat is not to install Windows or a similar desktop OS on the systems because it makes unauthorized access easier and the OS wasn't designed for such critical systems, so it might crash every now and then. Designers of critical systems know this, and if they are negligent and use Windows, then the blame for the consequences should fall on them.

Comment Wallet voting (Score 2, Insightful) 252

BD-XL = blu ray version of Super Audio CD
Hopefully people will refuse to oblige Sony and instead let the new format remain uncommon, lest Sony finds the practice of removing features from customers' devices as the normal thing to do.

-The PS3 has lost features throughout its life
-If SACD had been widely adopted, regular CD's would've become obsolete and would've been a waste of money for consumers
-if BD-XL and the like become widely adoped, regular blu-ray will become obsolete and a waste of money

Don't let Sony think these kinds of practices are acceptable.

  it's good that they're coming up with higher and higher capacities so often, good for those that need them, but releasing incompatible hardware with the intent of it replacing existing hardware in wide use so often shouldn't be something normally done.

Comment Mo bugs mo problems (Score 2, Interesting) 49

The important part about this is not that the attack is very specific (only Broadcom running ASF) but that attacks through a NIC are possible at all. This could be the beginning of more serious and widespread attacks as network components become exploitable through their increasing technology. There's a relationship between amount of code a device runs and the amount of bugs present in that code, and bugs can often be exploited for bad purposes.

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