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Comment Re:Marcus Aurelius (Score 1) 473

"If there are gods and they are just, then they ... will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by."

Okay, 3 questions though:

1) Who decides what is virtue and what is vice and by what standard?

2) What method do the gods (or God) use to determine if I am welcomed? Is it simply a numeric addition (good deeds outnumber bad ones)? Or perhaps it is a weighted scale ( 1 murder == 1,000,000 compliments). Are there any bad deeds that are unforgivable? Do my deeds from my entire life count or is only the last few years (or even days or moments) that count?

3) How can I know the answers to the above? Do I simply have to be the best I can? Is it reasonable to expect that if there is a God (or gods) that he (or she, or it, or they) would reveal himself? If not, would God be just? If so, how has he done so?

I posit therefore, that it is reasonable (necessary?) to investigate different, mostly conflicting, truth claims to determine which may actually be revelation of what God actually expects from us.

Comment Re:China is the model the west wants to emulate (Score 1) 183

Okay, who modded this troll up?
"There are no serious Libertarian candidates"
Not true. Any sane definition of "serious candidate" would include the successful candidate(s). Ron Paul is a multi-term Congressman. I understand that Libertarian candidates have won numerous lesser offices.
"No serious, thoughtful person takes that ideology seriously"
Now you are just being insulting. Replace that ideology with ANY ideology and it still is insulting. Libertarianism, Christianity, Flat Earth. Serious, thoughtful people have believed or believe a lot of weird stuff. That does not mean they are not intelligent or serious or thoughtful only wrong. Instead of insulting them (Yes even us Christians) next time assume that although they may be wrong they believe what they do for a reason. Try to understand them and have a discussion. If you are very lucky they might actually convince you that it is you who are wrong.
"... minds of people who choose to believe simple platitudes instead of paying attention to the vagaries and difficult-to-explain nuances of human nature."
Ah, a troll AND a hypocrite!
Jeff Paetkau
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