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Comment Re:New Suit (Score 2) 70

You would be surprised at how much changes in the vacuum environment in an orbit around a star. Suddenly the whole tether needs to be insulated, lest whatever working fluid you carry freezes in the shadow or boils in the sunlight. The insulation needs to survive flexing in those temperature extremes. Earthbound liquid ocean environment is quite thermally benign - it is all within the confines of liquid salty water. Almost none of the non-metallic materials used in this 100+ year old pre-SCUBA technology would withstand the environment of space for any usable length of time.

Comment Re:Maximum precision? (Score 1) 289

From your linked page:

Most current applications and databases have to use Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) to perform calculations with money

This is the problem. BCD is bad at cache utilization (it wastes 17% memory) and bad at utilizing the instruction set of the processor (unless the processor natively supports BCD). If you want to see how to do extended precision integer math, quite efficiently, using nothing more than platform-native ints and with no memory inefficiencies, look no further than this C implementation

Adding a decimal floating point datatype to the CPU may well bring no performance gains at all, since most CPUs are constrained by the memory bandwidth. Good code can do non-decimal extended precision arithmetic faster than the memory can keep up, so those IBM-peddled data types help with nothing.

Comment Re:The easy way to understand how the FISC works.. (Score 1) 102

[scopolamine's] use in medicine is relatively limited, with its chief uses being in the treatment of motion sickness and postoperative nausea and vomiting.

Scopolamine has no side nor primary effects that would make it suitable for use as you claim. So, are you an idiot, or did you mean something else?

Comment Re:Why would anyone install this? (Score 1) 202

You must be so confused. It's ransomware: it encrypts your files with a public key. The private key is controlled by the gang. You don't pay, you end up with a bunch of random-looking data substituted for your files, since the gang destroys the unique private key after the time is up. Yes, you're basically just back to where you were, before you "installed" the software. The "bother" is with the software being ransomware. It's malware. It installs itself when you don't pay attention, like most people out there...

Comment Re:More pharma-financed bullshit coming our way! (Score 1) 554

now everything is grown on nutrient devoid soils

It doesn't matter all that much, since the plants, you know, synthesize stuff. If there isn't enough nitrogen in the soil, the yields will be poor, but it's not like you'll get nitrogen-deficient plants. They'll be plant-matter-deficient in general. So talking about "nutrient devoid soils" is quite pointless: it only affects the yields, not the nutritional value of the end product. There'll be less stuff, smaller bulbs or fruit, etc. At least that's my high-school understanding, plant biologists please correct me.

Comment Re:supplementing the diet of well-nourished adults (Score 1) 554

Sure as heck multivitamins will help if you're on a ramen diet, you don't get any water-soluble vitamins from that, only a tiny bit of stuff that's naturally dissolved in chicken fat (or beef fat)! The flavor and the salt should be in split sections of the pouch. I really don't need the salt, nor do most other people.

When I was on a ramen diet (by default, not by choice), I'd get a chicken thigh every once in a while and boil the heck out of it in a small pot with minimum amount of water. I tossed the bones and joint tissues out, chopped the remainder on a plastic cutting board, put it back into the pot. Boiled out as much water as possible, then dehydrated further in the freezer. This was a great replacement lower-sodium chicken flavoring for ramen. A small amount would do (half a teaspoon, say). I'd supplant the fat with a bit of butter. Worked great as we had a freezer at work.

Comment Re:Past vs present (Score 1) 120

If you want to do things hard way first, you might as well do SDR. The hard part then is the software. Or use a voltage controlled oscillator, and use a potentiometer as your input element - there's plenty of both of those. Heck, be fancy and noncontacty and use an eccentric on the shaft and a light-based angle sensor to derive the tuning voltage. I don't think there's much reason to use variable capacitors for across-the-band tuning in any modern circuit, even if doing it just for kicks. There's a whole bunch of obsolete kinds of parts that were popular once but make no sense anymore. I'd say it doesn't take out any of the fun to use more modern methods, but that's just my opinion, of course.

Comment Re:nothx.jpg (Score 1) 289

Hmm, you are right. Then perhaps whatever metal was used in the connector end of things wasn't so great? Perhaps it was getting magnetically saturated? There is a possibility it's all in my head, but I remember rather vividly how easy it was to knock off the original magsafe connector. Now it almost never happens, and try as I might, I still don't see myself using it any differently.

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