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Comment Re:slow news day (Score 3, Interesting) 168

very little life can survive being frozen

On the contrary, and Samantha Wright please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd think a whole big hunking lot of single-cellular life can in fact survive being frozen. I mean, come on, human fucking sperm even does. Never mind that frozen life is well, frozen. While the DNA repair mechanisms are dormant, so are the copying mechanisms. Bacteria can live quite deep within porous rocks. I'm not exactly sure if it's really necessary for ejecta to be always heated up to sterilization. Now I'm not saying that this little life-from-Mars theory has got any legs to stand on just yet, but your arguments don't really do much to discount it, I don't think.

Comment Re:The emperor has no clothes (Score 1) 526

Must have never heard of prosecutorial discretion, then. Nobody, neither personally nor at any level of government, has any obligation to uniformly enforce all laws. I'd have hoped that people who think otherwise are just happy drug users - to my bewilderment, it turns out not to be the case :(

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 736

The major gain from Watson-like solutions is that you can have a multi-specialist system. It's nigh impossible for a family doctor to have specialist (as opposed to general) knowledge in other areas of medicine. Such specialist knowledge could be useful, though, so a Watson-style solution may turn out to be a vastly better doctor in the end. The human touch still matters, of course, but that means you can have a Watson-backed nurse relegating classical doctors into the dustbin of history.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 736

We have enough buildings to house people for the next 100 years.

What?! What buildings? In the U.S., a typical 30-year-old house is ready for a major renovation, including serious energy-related overhaul. A lot of buildings older than say 50 years may need to be torn down and replaced as it'll be cheaper than fixing them up. Never mind that the population grows, so no, we still need new buildings all the time. Of course the population growth might stop or even reverse into a decline, but you'll still need new buildings. I think the real issue is that the middle class has been virtually relocated to China.

Comment Re:Oh noes! (Score 1) 736

Limo drivers: Ditto. Plus the driver is part of the service.

What service? Knowing where to go and actuating the doors? I'd presume a self-driving limo will do all that, no problem.

NASCAR drivers: Nobody cares about machines going in circles. It's not worth watching if there's no person in the center of that giant exploding crash thing.

Hence nobody watches bot wars, right?

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