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Comment Re:his report: "there is a bug :broken link:" (Score 1) 95

The link was not broken, it demonstrated that the bug was indeed there. The Facebook imbeciles didn't follow through with proper administrative access: they had to view the private profile of a third party, you can't just do that without being logged in administrative impersonation mode. I mean, how stupid can one be?

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

We have had semi-automated and automated railway systems for decades. Railways are fail-safe (simply stop all trains), cars will be as well. Aeroplanes are the exception.

Even that is a bit untrue. There have been a lot of plane crashes that were caused by the pilots not putting down the plane on the nearest capable airstrip (or ditching in water). SR111 and the 2nd IL-62 crash in Poland come immediately to my mind, I'm sure there's many more.

Comment Re:As soon as the smart car counts as the driver (Score 1) 662

You are sitting there watching a movie as your car drives you down the street. A child pops out from between parked cars and ... your automation software had no way of "seeing ahead" that this would happen. The best it can do is sense something in the road and slam on the brakes. The car behind you ... has no way of "seeing ahead" that your car would slam on the brakes.

But wait, it was only a dog. The choice of running over a dog versus creating a collision with the car behind you (and the one behind it...) a human could make. What will your automation software do?

In case of your typical permanently distracted driver who is likely to kill the kid and kill the dog no matter what, I'd take being rear ended, thank you very much.

You've just made the best argument so far why automated cars shouldn't be allowed on the streets. You have to pay attention so you can take over in case of trouble anyway, why bother with the automation?

Nope. The automation must be designed so that when you need to take over, the car is in a safe state. That's like man-machine interface 101. The whole reason for automation is so that you don't need to pay attention at all, and when you do, you can take your time.

Anyone who thinks that human-created automated driving systems will be perfect and never require instant human attention to avert disaster is the one with zero clue.

This only makes sense if you're a doofus who thinks humans are much better. Nope, they aren't, they kill thousands each month in the U.S. alone, all people with good intentions, all people who think of themselves as above average. Yes, you still have no clue, and you keep showing it left right and center.

Automation doesn't have to be perfect. It only needs to be a bit better than humans in the average case. If all automation does is cut the fatalities-per-mile rate in half, it's a win. It will be much better than that, it won't ever be perfect. Beating humans at the driving game isn't all that hard.

Comment Re:New insecticide (Score 1) 432

Good luck heating the concrete basement or other adjoining walls to 45C, as that would be necessary to really kill them

That's apparently exactly what they do... but it is also apparently a VERY costly operation.

It doesn't matter how much you wish to pay for it, it's simply infeasible with the building still in the ground. It may work by chance for buildings where the heating rate is high enough that the bed bugs won't reach the basement from a floor high up, but otherwise it's hopeless, especially in single-family residential scenarios. As soon as you have a finished basement with drywall covering the foundation walls, you're screwed - you won't ever heat the walls to anything nearly bad for bed bugs. No way. You have a big thermal resistance between the room air and the wall, and a small thermal resistance between the wall and the soil. The soil of course has some thermal resistance as well, so you could eventually heat it up enough, but it'd take weeks, and the inside of the building would need to be at 80C or so, about as high as you can go without melting stuff. Oh, and good luck exposing the inside of the entirety of concrete underground walls in any building that got offices and other finished spaces underground.

Comment Re:Just fuck the fucking Muzzies already (Score 1) 1233

1. He's not muslim, you blathering idiot.
2. He's not taking bombs on planes, nor murdering anyone, nor flying anything into buildings. He'd be dead by now.
3. If things were up to you, taken to their logical conclusion, Your Holiness would be the last person standing on this planet.

I mean, come on, how fucking stupid can you get? You win the stupid for today.

Comment Re:Insurance companies... (Score 1) 662

That's if you assume that insurance=insurance. Only the minimum coverage is legally required, and such coverage is quite silly - I wouldn't feel comfortable not having at least 10x that. Just to give you an idea from the state I'm in. You need $13k per person, $25k per incident bodily injury liability and $8k property damage liability coverages. $13k pays for a day in the hospital and a simple surgery. $8k pays, maybe, for a median car. Both are really inadequate if you want some peace of mind. There's quite a bit of competition in auto insurance, and the variations in prices are quite crazy. I've seen up to 3x difference in same coverage from different sources. On top of that, various minimum-coverage-only providers, who cater to low income people, charge for said minimum coverage like a mainstream insurer would for 5-10x that.

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