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Comment Re:What about the US empire? (Score 3, Informative) 243

LOL, Genghis Khan has way more up his sleeve than you give him credit for. Show me a U.S. president that had about a thousand 1st-generation descendants. 800 years later - today - Genghis has about 15 million descendants. This is based on hard science genetic testing, not historic record, by the way. An average male person living 800 years ago has a bit above 500 descendants living today.

Comment Re:after all these years (Score 3, Informative) 243

We may not be able to identify his tomb, but sure as heck we can identify his ancestors! It so happens that this guy had about half a thousand children that have descendants that survive today. Rape and pillage he did, allrighty. There's more than ten million of those descendants alive today, by the way. Genetics for the win, I say.

Comment Re: Security 101 (Score 1) 332

So, obviously if one of them dies in a random accident, you've lost your investment, right? That's why one can't use a word investment here. It simply doesn't work, unless you're literally putting a dollar value on human life, happiness and whatnot. Not every cool thing you do is an investment, nor can it be thought of as being one, even if it costs you real money.

Going back to your dad: to support his position, one'd need to support a zero-sum stance where one says "either I support your low-risk lifestyle in college, or I get to pay some other kid, or maybe even myself". I think that's going full-retard.

Comment Re:That's a shame (Score 1) 332

I have 10 ton jackstands, and for the life of me I wouldn't know how they could be unreliable. When the car is up on four of those jackstands, there's no reasonable way to tip the jackstands by merely interacting with the car. I've had two people try to push the car in various directions as hard as they could - nothing happened. It wouldn't budge, heck it seemed as if it was comparably glued to the ground. When the car is supported by the suspension, there's a lot of "give" and you can get it moving a bit. On the jackstands it's quite different.

Sure, if you have crappy jackstands then it may not be quite safe.

Comment Re: look out below ! (Score 1) 332

diving quickly towards the ground and then at the last sec, pulling up enough so their feet skim the ground

That's how a properly executed paragliding flare looks like, I'm afraid. Paragliding is like flying, and certification exams use a lot of terms that would apply in flying a sailplane or a helicopter, although the distances and altitudes involved are of course scaled differently.

Comment Re:How about it uses much more fuel (Score 1) 567

For any given car, under certain conditions (pavement type, presence of water on the pavement, head and sidewind speed, fuel octane rating, intake air temperature), there's one speed that gives you maximum gas mileage. This speed is not infinitesimally close to 0 mph. On a clear Californian day with little wind and about 75F IAT, such speed is roughly 48mph on my car. Go any slower, and you are in fact wasting fuel. It's especially bad under 30mph. So, on my car if you were to accelerate to 56mph over 10 miles you'd burn more fuel than simply accelerating to 56mph and covering those 10 miles at 56mph. So, um, you're the idiot.

Comment I'm OK with that... (Score 4, Interesting) 202

On older laptops - those that reasonably work well only with XP, I not only install Chrome as the best performing browser, but I also advise people to use it to view PDFs. Note that viewing a PDFs is very different than filling it out etc. A viewer needs to be simple and well performing, and in my experience, even on 10+ year old hardware, Chrome shines there. So, for one, I do welcome this change.

Comment Re:Apples and oranges. (Score 1) 248

Yep. So you have some lunar dust on a spacesuit glove, and then you attempt to wipe any transparent surface. Poof, your transparent surface is now a milky surface that you can't see through. That stuff is nasty and will eat through elastomeric seals on, say, rotating shafts, like there was no tomorrow. Lunar dust is the mother of all dusts. It is the reason anyone with any brains should be shorting any lunar colonization/hotel stocks if such become publicly traded. It'll be a sure bet for at least the first decade of permanent Moon inhabitation, if any company can survive that long, that is.

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