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Comment Re:Teensy 3.1 is cooler (Score 1) 138

Heck, I don't even know who would need solder paste without actually using a laser-cut stencil and, you know, actually printing the paste like it was meant to be - in quantity? What's the point? You don't even need or want a fine-tipped soldering iron. For reflowing anything with leads, you in fact want a nice 3mm-5mm wide, short tip with good thermal conductivity. You don't need solder paste, you do need a flux pen .

Comment Re:What were the pings then? (Score 1) 245

So, there is your answer. The oscillators used here are not stable, and there must be a good reason for it. One possibility: those pingers are tuned electromechanical transducers. If anything, the electronic oscillator uses the transducer itself as the resonant circuit. Why? Because a perfect quartz-driven signal feeding a detuned transducer will not produce much in the way of hydrophonic output. It will be at the perfect frequency, but too faint to detect at any reasonable distance.

Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 1) 217

In the USA in CCD all the bees just disappear from the hives.

That sounds to me more like a skunk feeding on them at night than CCD :) Yes, seriously, damn skunks can wipe out an entire hive in a couple of nights. The bees are too silly to resist the skunk's scratching on the bottom of the hive, it seems. They just walk out on the surface of the hive, since they don't fly at night, and the skunk just eats them. I've seen it happen, and it's both sad and silly-looking.

Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 1) 217

lots of people won't take a job where they wear a sealed up thick hot suit in the blazing sun all day

This problem has been solved, lemme think, about the time we were doing our first EVAs in LEO. Just because the beekeeping industry is more than half a century behind the times doesn't mean the problem hasn't been solved many times over.

Comment Re:More technical information also provided (Score 1) 142

Yeah, they're writing technical reports on shit that someone has packed into a chute. Oh, how easy it is for experts in field A to assume they have been born with knowledge from field B. Namely, those meteor experts who just don't get what every skydiver learns after a while: shit sometimes get packed into the chute. This whole thing is just so full of fail I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Comment Re:Ummm, probably not (Score 1) 142

it fails to address how the rock got to the speed of several hundred km per hour by the time it flew past him

You can address it yourself. Gravitational acceleration is 9m/s^2. 300 km/h is 83m/s. The rock could have easily been going less than that, say 50m/s. It takes 6 seconds for it to accelerate to that speed from rest. It didn't start at rest.

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