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Comment Safari (Score 3, Insightful) 248

If you thought that was a lot, wait until you see what Google will have to pay for primary placement in Safari. I don't recall when that deal is up, but you can bet that Apple is going to be all too happy to stick it to Google for pilfering the iphone design for use in Android hardware.

Apple has a tremendous thing going with iPhone and IPad sales. They're none to happy that Google is trying to rock that boat. I expect Apple to force Google to pay dearly for placement, Apple will be just as happy to switch to Bing.

btw, if you thought Bing's existence was a waste of energy, it was built for exactly this kind of forcing costs up on competitors. It doesn't have to be widely used, it just has to be a credible threat so Google is forced to pay more than it otherwise would have.

Does a surprise increase of 300% to Mozilla mean that they are going to be able to hire more developers, and build/iterate faster?

Comment years (Score 1) 352

This topic has made me wish that I was 15 years younger more than I have for awhile. Not only my age, but I would hate leaving my family at this point.

One thing that I haven't seen any single post mention is the (sexual) social life. I assume there is none, and that's partly how money is saved. Or is there a satisfactory amount of females to make it not totally a sausage party? Spending the best years of my life surrounded by dudes could leave one rich, but lonely. True?

Comment Re:Police Ssurveillance (Score 1) 761

You can't feasibly track every citizen all of the time with human officers.

You could very feasibly install a GPS tracker on every car everywhere, all of the time. Without a warrant required, there is no legal reason not to. The only things preventing it would be the cost of the GPS hardware and the cost of the data collection. Both costs will likely go down over time, the latter moreso.

I guarantee that if this is found to be constitutional, 25% of the vehicles on the road will have a GPS tracker within 10 years. For no better reason than "just because they can."

Comment Re:Cue Apple fans saying "That could NEVER happen" (Score 1) 584

I manage 50K+ servers. I want to do some things with some of them, some things with others. My selection criteria is varied and boolean. It would be very difficult to select non-contiguous sets of 500 servers from those 50K without grep and awk.

I pipe them to tools. Those tools often require inputs in different syntax, so I use sed to transform the syntax as necessary.

Please don't let them take this management tool away. I couldn't do it with a GUI selector.

Comment Re:Would you rather? (Score 2) 140

Neither. We have limited resources to defend our interests. If we overspend on an exaggerated cyber threat from China, we must needs reduce the resources allocated to something else. If we short a program that defends us from a threat that was actually understated vs. China's ability, we have made ourselves susceptible.

Comment Re:Lack of upward mobility (Score 1) 904

It would really screw up inheritances, too. No joke. If you don't die until you have great-great-grandchildren, your own children would have had to do without your accumulation of wealth.

It used to be that the children could expect to use their parent's capital when they were of an age that they could put it to use. Now, children can maybe use it for their own retirement. Shifting that by a few more generations would alter familial ability to accumulate and transfer wealth.

Comment Discard batteries (Score 1) 247

If i had an electric car, I wouldn't want the battery to be any less than 100% full at any time. Who knows, maybe I want to take it out on a max range trip. Therefore, there is no "spare capacity" on active car batteries that you can use.

However, in about 10 years tens of thousands of EV car batteries will be leaving warranty. They may not have the storage density necessary for vehicles, but they will still have functional storage capacity.

I can very easily see that those batteries then will be used to capture "green" energy, either at the industrial or the residential level. The consumer will already own the batteries, or recycle them and recapture some value. Base load problem solved. It'll just take 10 years until the warranties expire.

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