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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 103

Headline: "Malware Running On Graphics Cards" TFS/TFA: "Here's a paper showing that malware on graphics cards is theoretically possible and could possibly evade detection." If you were trying to sensationalize the headline, you might as well have thrown "won't anyone think of the children!?!?" in there as well.

No kidding! This is just as bad as as that rail-gun rocket launcher headline from 2 weeks ago that had nothing to with crazy weapons.

Comment Re:286's (Score 1) 253

I'm not sure if it is still the case but for a LONG time 286 processors were the only ones available that had been hardened against cosmic radiation and were rated for space. When you're lobbing people into space, it matters most what works and is proven, not what is fastest or the newest technology.

Yes but the other priority concern for space travel is size. Every square inch of space is critical. Space agencies must balance old-but-proven technology with newer but way smaller technology. My cell phone contains more processing power, memory, and data storage space than the entirety of 1960's era Mission Control.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 5, Insightful) 190 released this year will be based on the same characters, plot devices and game mechanics as that title a quarter century ago. It's all summed up in Nintendo's motto: Why create when you can copy?

And yet I would rather play 100 games that feature Mario unnecessarily than yet another greyish-brown FPS where the protagonist is some sort of grizzled space marine. Say what you will about Nintendo and Mario games, but by and large they are fun.

Comment Re:Yeah it's crap. (Score 2, Informative) 408

This "constant updating of results as you type" makes my Hotel dialup connection run even MORE slowly than it did before.

Even on high-speed DSL, it slows things down. Why can't these web developers get into their heads that not everyone has a 1 megabit pipe? (Or if it is available, don't want to spend ~$60/month to get it.) I remember one of the things taught developed in the 90s and early 2000s was to "optimize" their pages to use as few kilobytes as possible - like squeezing GIFs down from 50 to 10KB. Apparently that paradigm got thrown out the window.

The paradigm of catering to the slowest and oldest has been replaced by pioneering new ground while at the same time including easy ways to turn off the extra features. If you would calm down for five seconds maybe you would see the link "Instant Search is On" with a dropdown menu to turn it off.

Submission + - HTML5 'Experience' by Google and Arcade Fire (

DIplomatic writes: If music videos were invented for the web, rather than for television, they might look something like this. The project uses the web browser itself as an artistic medium, showing off the HTML5’s potential for interaction and multi-paned viewing rather than just using the browser as a frame for a plain, television-style video.

“One of the biggest struggles for a director is to successfully create a sense of empathy with their characters and settings. Using Google Maps and Street View we’re able to tailor the experience to each person. This effect is a totally different kind of emotional engagement that is both narrative and personally driven.”

This experience is really neat, as mentioned, but the deeper angle here is HTML5’s viability as an interactive platform for next-generation media experiences — a standard that Google and others seek to back as a response to Apple’s closed-down, curated iOS app platform.

Comment Re:How about good subject lines? (Score 4, Insightful) 242

I appreciate that Google is trying to idiot-proof email but it'd probably be a simpler task to train people...

Are you serious? I'd take a complex sort algorithm over trusting the people who email me in a heartbeat! I've been begging a client of mine to stop marking his emails urgent for half a decade. Give it up man! Flagging your emails and using a lot of exclamation marks does not make you important!

Comment Re:So then what's with the wait? (Score 4, Insightful) 220

From the summary

On average we get attacked between 7000 and 9000 times per second

If they get attacked that often, it shouldn't take long for them to find and confirm security holes in Windows. Yet they have been noticeably slow in patching some of those holes; why don't they respond quicker?

In what possible way does an attack across the internet at translate to exposing a flaw in the Windows operating system? That's like saying submitting an angry letter to the editor of your newspaper exposes the fact that one of the side windows on your house doesn't close properly.

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