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Comment Feedback. (Score 3, Insightful) 141

I want feedback.

I want to be able to stick a thermometer in my food, whether in the oven, microwave or on the hob and have the thing use feedback to follow a temperature vs. time profile.

Why waste $5k on immersion heaters and vacuum packers for sous vide setups when a simple thermometer input and a few lines of code could achieve the same thing on a conventional kitchen oven?

Comment Re:UPnP is a vulnerability (Score 1) 138

>My understanding was that UPnP was for punching a hole in the firewall/NAT for incoming requests

No, uPnP is primarily about AV devices finding each other so they can do stuff like sending video from the video source to the TV. It's network detection and selection, device discovery, service discovery and service negotiation. All run of the mill consumer electronic behaviors that the industry has managed to massively screw up for the past 30 years. P1394 tried and screwed it up (discovery and negotiation). uPnP tried and screwed it up (bad security, ineffective discovery). P802 tried and screwed it up - LLDP (too little), 802.21 (too late). I could go on. You still cannot string one wire, or wireless interface between standards compliant boxes, computer, dvd, tv, speakers, roku-esque box and have them find each other and present a user with the right options like "watch dvd" or "watch roku" or "watch TV".

The punching-a-hole thing is a router behavior to allow uPnP to work across the router (whether firewalled or not), because by default they block uPnP, as they should.


Comment Re:Never take security advice from a guy who can't (Score 1) 165

From my reading of the Mega response, the crypto applied to the static content was to ensure the integrity of the files as transmitted, not the privacy.

They are free to add an arbitrary amount of additional integrity checking of the static files, both of the cryptographic and non cryptographic nature. I wouldn't be surprised if they already do because it is trivial and a normal thing to do.

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