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Comment Re:What about Jesus's ? (Score 2, Informative) 243

>Virtually all historians, whether Christian, atheist or of some other religion, hold that a man Jesus existed, even if his biography is just so much myth accreted around the historical figure.

All the honest ones are clear that there is no direct evidence and many of the myths clearly relate to different people at different times. There have been many people names Jesus. With high probability, there has never been magic Jesus, born of a virgin, 2000 years ago, who could perform miracles.

Comment Asking for greater privilege (Score 4, Informative) 243

Recently I've had a spate of 'updates' to android apps that are asking for me to approve additional privileges.

One instance was a button on the main page to turn wifi on and off (rather than digging into the settings menu). This was quite useful.
Then it got an update and wanted access to post on my behalf, the internet, my phone lists and a bunch of other things. So I uninstalled it.

This has happened several times. I'm guess it's a common attack vector.

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