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Comment Re:Test Team (Score 1) 166

No. This is an old wives tale. Up in the air, your cellphone can see no towers, because they are too far away and you're in a steel tube. Even if it could, it wouldn't be a problem, because the phone would choose only one of them.

Hypothetically the problem might exist the other way, whereby too many cell towers can see your phone, but around an airport the interference coming from everything else at an airport swamps anything a phone on a plane might do. By the time the plane is out of the airport zone, it is too high for the phone to have any contact with cell towers - whose antenna don't point up in the sky.

Comment Re:Consortium (Score 1) 149

RIM/Blackberry purchased Certicom. So they have all the Certicom patents on elliptic curve encryption.

But now the NSA leaks have led people to believe that the NSA may have broken ECC. So the value of all those patents just went to $0 since if no one is going to trust ECC to be secure, no one is going to use it. Another own goal.

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