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Comment Re:10 micrometres wide (Score 1) 69

Right but it was the first and only transistor at the time, so it was competitive.

However a 100Kbit, quite fast memory that is expensive because it's made on a low volume manufacturing line, without the benefit of the billions of dollars spent developing silicon based manufacturing equipment is hardly going to be competitive in the market and won't be able to generate the cash necessary to build up a manufacturing infrastructure that can compete with cheaper, higher volume memories that are a 1000 times more dense.

There is a constant stream of 'flash killing' non volatile memories that never made it in the market. This will be one of them.

Comment Re:Know what else is 10,000x faster than flash? (Score 1) 69

50us? 50-100MHz? 1/50E-6 = 20KHz, not 50MHz. -> Sequential READ: 30ns
I.E. half the speed of 15ns DRAM.

Parallel read stuff is a bit slower, but not a lot. You can pay more for faster and you can always wire it up in parallel.

SRAM speed depends entirely on the context, of which there are many. The on chip ones I use take less than 1ns to read on a modern silicon process.

Comment Predicates (Score 2) 29

Predicates are great, they let you be right even though you're not.
E.G: "If everything works fine, you should not even notice any difference"

This is true, but it doesn't tell you whether or not you will notice any difference, it just gives you the predicate under which you will not but doesn't walk the walk of telling you it will work fine.

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