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Submission + - A look at the Japanese Wii virtual console

RotoX writes: Somehow Siliconera has a Japanese Wii, a day before it launches in Japan. Their video of the Virtual Console shop shows a number of new games such as Gradius, Street Fighter II, Zelda III: A Link to the Past and Super Mario Brothers ready for download. It also looks like Virtual Console titles are slightly cheaper in Japan, Genesis games are 600 points opposed to 800 in North America.

Submission + - Opening Statements Begin in Microsoft-Iowa Case

cc writes: The Des Moines Register is reporting that opening statements have started in the Microsoft-Iowa antitrust case. The Des Register reports that the Plaintiffs have shaped their case around nine stories involving competitors from IBM to Linux. Microsoft attorneys say Gates is expected to testify in January, and company CEO Steve Ballmer will likely appear in February. Both men are expected to be on the stand for about four days. Unlike previous antitrust cases against the software giant, the Iowa case is seeking additional damages for security vulnerabilities. Plaintiffs allege that Microsoft's bundling of IE with Windows caused harm to consumers by increasing the consumer's susceptibility to security breaches and bugs. The case is one of the largest antitrust cases in history, encompassing millions of documents and Microsoft's business practices during the last 20 years.

Submission + - Compressed sound quality ruins young listeners

mcguirez writes: This article [ ml] claims younger listeners get used to audio "quantity" not audio "quality" and don't realize what they're missing. The Consumer Electronics Association is starting a campaign to educate would-be audiophiles. It's claimed that is a side effect of 'in some cases stealing music!'

Submission + - Allofmp3 responds

7macaw writes: "Allofmp3 has issued a statement regarding the WTO negotiations. "...we believe that the site cannot be forced to cease its activities due to Russia's entry to WTO unless Russian legislation undergoes significant changes." They also have a detailed review of not just Russian, but also American applicable laws."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - How to silence loud servers?

An anonymous reader writes: I have two servers in the office, and they're unbelievably loud. One is a SunFire box and the other a SuperMicro dual Xeon. Between the fans and the screaming disks, they're so loud it's impossible to work in the same room with them. We've got limited space and no available closet, so I'm at a loss. Is there such a thing as a server muffler? What else can we do?
Role Playing (Games)

IDG and Gen Con To Merge Events? 21

Gamespot reports that convention companies IDG and Gen Con LLC are talking about an event merge. IDG has already gotten the nod from the ESA for their 'GamePro Expo', and expects to attract no less than 25,000 gamers in October of next year. If Gen Con joins the fray, that will add table-top roleplaying, board games, and the like into the mix for some sort of nerdapalooza. From the article: "If the two events co-locate at the LACC, the current plan is to see Gen Con base its exhibits in the convention center's West Hall, with the IDG game event placing its exhibitors in both South Hall and the lower-level Kentia Hall. One impediment to the two groups linking up could be due to the current success IDG is having selling its upcoming game event into the industry. If it can sell out the LACC's nearly 550,000 square feet of expo space on its own, there may be no need nor reason to bring Gen Con into the mix." If this goes through, there would be no need for the Gen Con Indy event, which would only be held a few months before. I knew E3's demise was no good.
The Internet

Submission + - Net Neutrality

Anonymous writes: -champion-rep-ed-markey-d-ma/

Net Neutrality champion Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) has announced he will seek to chair the House Telecom and Internet Subcommittee next year. Art Brodsky says it's still "no slam dunk that Net Neutrality will be approved by the new Congress. But, the odds got better with Rep. Ed Markey's decision."

Submission + - World's largest lan party

DS writes: A representative from Guinness World Records attended this year's Dreamhack ( ) winter in Sweden to hand out a certificate for the new world record of the largest lan party ( ) with 7752 paying participants and 7788 computers connected to the network. Theres a clip at youtube showing the ceremony .

Submission + - contest breaks the MS myth

An anonymous reader writes: has announced the winners of its Opendocument Format template contest sponsored by The winning template "breaks the myth" of not being able to do advanced editing like MS Word. The perpetual calender, 2nd place is excellent, actually brilliant. The Mapcharts Calc template, although 5th demonstrates how one can add innovative elements to OO.o and create very advanced ODF documents. View the winners: ate_clipart_2006/winners.html
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Home Theater Room Created in a Crawlspace

junger writes: "Jim and Jannette Holmes were in the midst of a renovation when they thought of converting a portion of their 1939 Dutch Colonial into a modern home theater. The couple could have designated the new 1,200-square-foot addition on the back of their house as the entertainment area, but their architect suggested placing it somewhere more isolated from the main living spots — such as in the crawlspace."

Submission + - Is there more UNIX compliance than POSIX?

darthcamaro writes: There was a time when POSIX compliance was all that it took to be a UNIX (or even Unix-like) system. But now there are newer standards like UNIX 03 which significantly raise the bar. But at this point in the game do UNIX standards even matter anymore? In this article IBM, Sun and HP argue that they do..though at least one analyst isn't so sure.
From the article:
According to Jonathan Eunice, principal IT adviser at Illuminata, formal standards such as Unix 03 are important at removing gratuitous differentiation from the market.
"But — and this is a very big but — the real driver of independent software vendor behavior is how much money they can make by supporting a platform," Eunice told

Submission + - Apple acquires patent on media downloads

shashi writes: "In an out-of-court settlement, Apple has recently acquired the rights to a patent from 1996 on media downloads:
The concept consisted of a desktop computer holding multiple songs with an interface allowing a hotel guest to select three songs and play them on an electric grand piano. Starkweather saw the broader value and broke the patent into three elements; remote music storage, selection of music to download and playing music on a music device.

This could create serious leverage for Apple against its competitors as well as give them a large bargaining chip when negotiating with the content providers."

Submission + - Firefox becomes Firewolf.

zmanzero writes: For over 2 months now Firefox has been encouraging it's users to download tracking software by which is offered as the first choices in virtually every category of extension provided at it's official site — — go to extensions and click on Privacy and Security for an example. Poor Firefox, consumed by the wolves... there's a discussion on it here — 43
User Journal

Journal Journal: Useful medical condition 7

Maintenance & Facilities people came by our area today because they had been notified by someone in the business side that lights were out. Most of the developers on our team prefer the dimmer atmosphere, lacking fluorescent lighting, so they've taken it upon themselves to unhook a number of the bulbs to minimize their effect. Evidently, the maintenance people took some shit for not duly keeping up with bulb replacement, and our area is visible from the outside of the building and is visi

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