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Comment Re:Sex vs. Carnage.... (Score 3, Interesting) 397

Yes, but it's a long, slow process. Not helped along when some of those "social groups" seem to just not get it (refer also to California's prop 8 vote).

FTA: "[...]Clarence Thomas, whose entire solo dissent was devoted to research showing that the Founding Fathers did not believe people under 18 had First Amendment rights at all. If Clarence Thomas thought really hard, could he think of any other category of people who were denied full civil rights in the 1700s, and hence why we wouldn't want to apply that standard today?)"

Comment Re:Alas, (Score 2) 143

The real issue (to the Court) seems to been how the case was presented, not the merits of the case itself. Despite the one statement about "fly-by-night company", the judge was really just complaining about the quality of the case. Had the same case be presented by good attorneys with a well-prepared case the judge would have gone along with it. When there's big money involved (SCO, patent trolls) you can hire expensive attorneys and take the time to prepare (spin) a case, even out of nothing. Here the attorneys were working for free and for the defense; there was no money in for them and it showed in their work.

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