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Comment Re:Remember (Score 4, Insightful) 631

Dude. Do you even watch the show? Half of it is on-camera experts talking about experiment logistics and safety procedures. For example the explosives expert Frank Doyle they've used to supervise every explosion at the Alameda County Sheriff's Bomb Range since the show began. I know the dudes name and the the range because Frank Doyle has been in like 30 episodes.

Comment Re:EFF off (Score 1) 96

And no, I think it's absurd that writing encryption software entitles you to lead the struggle vs survelliance.

How's that whole choosing who gets to lead struggles thing going for you? Not good you say? One doesn't choose a leader they emerge and one chooses to heed their guidance or not? GTFO? Really? Wow? Thought you had an ace in the hole with that argument.

Comment Re:Whatever Julian (Score 1) 96

Actually it's Wikileaks that describe themselves as journalists (they provide editorial context) and publishers (they publish the source info that gets leaked to them). I got that wrong above. JA considers himself a scientific journalist (or data journalist in some parlance) that unites editorial content with the source documents/data to heighten transparency and give readers an opportunity to form their own conclusions.

Like I said, pure evil.

Comment Re:Whatever Julian (Score 4, Informative) 96

I think your snark detector is broken.

JA describes himself (accurately IMO) as a publisher which is an act of journalism one engages in without being an actual journalist. It's a more general term.

Whenever I look around at our current field of "respected" journalists and then back at JA I don't know how one can come to the conclusion that he's the evil one.

Comment Whatever Julian (Score 3, Insightful) 96

No matter how many acts of journalism this guys commits I will never see him as a journalist. I have to like someone personally first and also make sure they have a flawless record using a standard that I set and reserve only for him. Until this impossible standard is met I will bash in any way I can regardless of logic and back calls for his extrajudicial murder.

It's really the only sensible path Very Serious People can take.

Comment Re:A little late (Score 1) 961

I wasn't sure if you were trolling earlier but no there's no doubt.

The scientists in question have been cleared of wrong-doing many times over by multiple entities. What exactly are you trying to argue here?

In case you haven't noticed, the earth keeps getting hotter. The predicted melting of the ice caps, ocean acidity increases, ocean temperature, storms, floods, hurricanes, etc. are all on the increase as generally predicted. Noticed all the jellyfish at the shore lately? Climate science prediction continues to increase in accuracy and the results are easier to monitor than anytime previously.

You seem to be missing the point, intentionally, so you can continue to say smartish-sounding stupid shit.

What I want to know is what it will take for you to believe that man-made activities are fucking up the climate. Not what scientific data do you need to see. What needs to physically happen to the earth before you believe it?

Comment Doesn't Anyone Notice Something Strange Here? (Score 2) 835

The info released isn't funny in any obvious context. The press release is certainly not funny and doesn't even try to be. The ASCII gun graphic and the content of the information and press release look like classic anarchist material. Not sure if it's intentional or what but none of this seems directly connected to the personality on Twitter.

Maybe this is the result of the Anonymous/Lulzsec partnership. Maybe Lulzsec is under new management. Maybe the false flag operation has kicked into high gear.

Something has changed. You can tell by the dejavu.

Comment Re:Prior art: Jeff Han multi touch demo at TED, 20 (Score 1) 310

I'm pretty sure that Perceptive Pixels/Jeff's patents are for their hardware know..something actually appropriate to patent. I work with their machines quite a lot and the magic is mostly in the hardware as I understand it. They do play their cards close to their chest though so one can never be sure.

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