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Comment Re:Real artists ship. (Score 3, Interesting) 274

You'd be surprised how often Stallman's name appears in a Man page for something REALLY useful in Linux. The only reason you don't hear about more recent projects from him is because a lot of the stuff he's written follows the UNIX ideology of giving people a lot of really small tools that can be combined in unique and useful ways.

Granted none of the stuff his name appears on works outside of the terminal, but 50% of my day in Linux is spent in a terminal because I do embedded development. The guy's tools just work, which is great.

Not directly, but many of them contain bindings for running in GUI frameworks. gdb is a good example.

Comment Re:memo to hardware producers (Score 4, Informative) 215

UEFI is much more than secure-boot. There are a lot of "hacks" required right now to make BIOS work properly for modern scenerios. the 4 partition limit is a good example, we have to use "logical" partitions within a bigger physical partition to get around this bullshit at the moment, UEFI fixes that. It also adds a LOT of other functionality such as much more powerful configuration interfaces that can supply graphics (temperature meters, etc), handle mouse input and drive system speakers directly.

Comment Re:No sympathy.... sorry. (Score 1) 224

Ok, seriously. This is a SMALL piece of a HUGE country and was chosen specifically because it was A) almost 100% uninhabited B) Had high mountains so they wouldn't need as big of a quiet zone C) Out in the middle of fucking nowhere. Maybe the people that moved there and developed there should have thought about whether it was a sustainable place to develop.

I think we need a flying car analogy. Many towns and large cities are currently build near or around airports which all have "no fly zones" that extend into the surrounding developed area (ie: over peoples' homes just like the radio quiet zone). If we suddenly developed a cheap personal flying cars (usable for short-distance flight), should the airport move so that they are not affecting the surrounding houses who's occupants want to fly to work or should people that want to get flying cars move somewhere away from the airport?

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 1) 513

Gmail isn't tied to any other services, ISP e-mails are tied to your internet connection. If you need a different internet connection due to speed or reliability issues or you move somewhere that the ISP doesn't cover, you are fucked.

Absolutely. Every free or bundle service will have drawbacks. But Google's drawback of making you email theirs to data mine is the worst drawback there is - if you consider email to be a private medium.

That's why I consider it worthwhile to pay a small amount to have email with my own domain.

They may go through it with a computer program to automatically do general heuristics and add targeting (which I block anyways), but they are much less likely to hand your information over to 3rd parties or the government like most ISPs. Just look at how many times Google has told the government to fuck off compared to the ISPs that basically OFFER the data to them and let them set up their own monitoring system in the building.

When I switch from gmail (which I plan to do in the next year or two), I can set up auto-forward with an auto-response asking the sender to use my new e-mail. That's something NO isp will let you do after you cancel your contract

Of course they'll do it for you. Because it means the account is still live, and they're still data collecting every message that's sent to your gmail address.

Um, no. They'd get (and be able to read) those messages whether the account is still active or not.

Oh, and they're storing every search you do and attaching it to the same ID too. Nice.

See my first point

And they're tracking people with cookies, even when they set their browser not to be tracked.


I'm going to need a citation before I'll take your word on that one. They may use cookies, but that's about the only way (aside from url-embedded tracking numbers which are even worse) to keep someone logged in.

Comment Re:What about the Upgrade/Version Problem with Dro (Score 1) 93

Yes, and neither does Android. Ubuntu Phone is not being made for the manufacturers, it is being made for the users and promoted to the manufacturers. In fact, right now they have Ubuntu Phone running on the Android kernel, so it is already 100% compatible with most Android phones.

Unless open drivers or specs are provided for the chipsets, the manufacturers are going to be on the hook for driver updates (which are required for kernel updates) no matter WHICH operating system they use.

Comment Re:aaand it won't help much (Score 1) 125

Which is why these applications need administrator-level permissions that let you prevent those warning and instead show an error message (without an "ok" button).

Better yet, corporations could wake up and start demanding their software and infrastructure stop requiring the use of flash player to access their services.

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