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Comment Log Analyzer (Score 2) 356

There are a lot of utilities that convert log files (from Apache for instance) to databases and perform data mining on them but there are still a lot of services that do not yet have these tools. This would make for an interresting database project as you could do a lot of really complex queries and have it create human readable reports.

Comment Re:Stop being stupid (Score 1) 272

Little hint about cameras. Keep the ceiling ones for large coverage, but keep a few about 4 feet off the ground facing the entrance to catch good face shots of people coming in. Should be fairly easy to hide inside a display or counter. I remember hearing about a bunch of thugs that destroyed the window display of a camera shop. Turned out the owner always left 2 or 3 of the display cameras recording (wired to a remote recorder) at night and got REALLY good shots of their faces!

Comment Re:Population US 315,341,617 vs Canada 34,880 (Score 3, Interesting) 113

Apparently last time Canada was on the list, it was at the backroom REQUEST of Canadian officials so they would have a "reason" to push anti-privacy- um, uh, I mean anti-"piracy" laws. I highly doubt our country's leaders will try to explain why we are on there this time.

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