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Comment Re:Population US 315,341,617 vs Canada 34,880 (Score 3, Interesting) 113

Apparently last time Canada was on the list, it was at the backroom REQUEST of Canadian officials so they would have a "reason" to push anti-privacy- um, uh, I mean anti-"piracy" laws. I highly doubt our country's leaders will try to explain why we are on there this time.

Comment Re:Angle Your Hands ... and ... (Score 1) 165

It may be anacdotal, but even typing plain english (reports, homework, etc), I've found my fingers get MUCH less tired. On querty I had to take breaks every half hour or my fingers would completely seize up. On Colemak I can type for 8 hours straight and still have 80% dexterity in my fingers.

Comment Re:Not really. (Score 1) 204

Hybrids actually don't get very good gas milleage for 2 reasons. 1) The batteries die quicker because you're also hauling an internal compustion engine around (plus fuel and accessories to make it work. 2) Once the batteries die (or you reach a certain speed), the internal combustion engine is less efficent than a normal car because it's also hauling an electric motor and batteries around.

People think a hybrid gives you the best of both worlds, but it actually gives you the worst of both worlds.

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