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Comment Re:Four Square (Score -1) 220


you believing i'm worked up into a frothy rage might simply the result of a talented writer and his ignorant readership. as i can assure you there has never been rage inspired froth on or around my person, is there any other possibility?

ur mum's face doesn't exactly seem to take much.

Comment Re:Why really does Apple behave this way? (Score 2, Insightful) 432

Go watch Flash running on a Nexus One and tell me Apple is saving the world from those milliseconds of latency.

milliseconds of latency on every single executed flash bytecode instruction... billions and billions and billions of them, all of which also require electricity that will be drained from the battery.

show me a flash application that can't be written natively and function better and use less resources.

show me a flash application that without it, your phone is useless.

Comment Re:Great Article (Score -1) 222

the moderation system has also been teamed by networks of accounts... generally if you talk against people who preach about faith or global warming, every post you've made in the past month will suddenly be down moderated.

this site is no longer relevant. cmdrtaco has failed.

Comment Re:bypass personal download codes??? (Score -1, Troll) 160

"injust" isn't a word, idiot...

if the moderation system was in any way manipulatable, would it not be manipulated to attempt to silence those who would tell truths harmful to the manipulator's platform the only way possible: by moderating all of the posts down systematically? how much more idiotic could you be.

you are NOTHING.

Comment bypass personal download codes??? (Score -1, Flamebait) 160

why couldn't the attackers have simply used one of the distributed personal download codes? does microsoft just not want to come out and directly accuse one of the writers of leaking the game? it seems likely that one of the writers microsoft gave access to allowed someone else the same access.

Comment Re:DocBook - like HTML 1.0, only dumber (Score -1) 68

you mean an identifier like the html "id" attribute? or a more generalized "class" attribute?

how is forcing everyone to declare their paragraphs and authorship in a fixed format better than allowing them to declare it however they want, achieving the same thing more simply?

if you want rules-based automated processing, you can do that with html... pretty much the entire modern web is built on that. HTML+CSS+CMS > DocBook

Comment Re:When governments attack, only one thing matters (Score -1) 140

it's also illegal to open network packets not addressed to you that utilize no encryption, unless you were specifically granted authorization.

i'm responding to your: "i'm an idiot, i'm an idiot, i'm an idiot, i'm an idiot, i quote laws hypocritically because i'm ignorant of other laws that apply regardless"

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