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Comment Re:This guy needs a legal defense fund (Score 2) 860

Manning was an obvious attention whore who did a bulk dump of materials he couldn't possibly have reviewed in detail. Further, he was subject to the UCMJ. Any vet with a clue knows Manning could have pursued multiple avenues of legal disclosure through Congresscritters and other legislators eager to have at it. Manning was sloppy and foolish and asked for what he got. The military can't let people leak whatever they wish and make up their own rules.

Comment Re:Use a physical key (Score 1) 284

That's a very GOOD thought because lockouts are common in industry and thoroughly accepted.

You can get a nice plastic electrical enclosure to hold your router etc, order a locking switch and padlock from Grainger or McMaster-Carr or MSC (the big three suppliers of "industrial stuff" which purchasing depts are used to ordering from) and have at it.

You can get lockouts which accept multiple padlocks if multiple personnel must confirm the setting. Totally familiar stuff.

Comment Re:But, Corporations are People! (Score 1) 367

"they hire their own private armies a la Pinkerton, because who'll stop them?"

There was a time when American workers had balls, and they shot and killed Pinkertons. When people are beyond the reach of the law they may still not be out of range...

Our country and it's freedoms were born of righeous Revolutionary violence, the eager willingness to send bayonet and musket ball crashing into the bodies of British soldiers and their Hessian mercs.

If the Founders had been pacifists they wouldn't have Founded anything.

Things aren't bad enough for violence so long as we are kept comfortable and fed by our Masters. Woe betide them if they forget that people don't revolt over freedom, they revolt over food and shelter.

Comment Re:Failure of Superstition to adapt to the real wo (Score 1) 367

I despise religion because Superstitionist societies impose restrictions on personal freedom which I reject.

I therefore care nothing for the suffering of the religious because they are my enemies. Let their Sky Fairie save them. The only reason the Amish aren't much of a problem is the small size of their cult. Their ROE are still "superstition of the desert".

Pacifists and vegans don't tend to build societies which are restrictive to personal freedom, so I've nothing against them and wish them no harm.

Comment Re:"not my problem or concern" (Score 1, Flamebait) 367

I didn't mention Muslims, what you interpreted was not what I wrote. Should I "interpret" that you are a Bible Thumper so paranoid you see your Muslim competitors under every rock?

Prove Jehovah exists and your enemies will evaporate. No proof, then you deserve no respect as a person because you spout toxic insanity. Anyone who professes that a God exists has the burden of proving their assertion.

I hold ALL Superstitions in contempt because they have had THOUSANDS of years to prove their Imaginary Friend(s) exist and have utterly failed to do so.

I reject ALL slavery to the minions of the tribal superstitions of the desert. It would be delightful if you just killed each other, but you stunt the progress of mankind.

Comment Re:No real savings = no real businesses (Score 2) 376

There are plenty of capital "investments". Take the State I live in as an example. Continental Tire is spending more than half a billion dollars on a new tire plant, while Michelin and Bridgestone are expanding theirs. BMW exports SUVs to mainland China! Infrastructure investments are being made so the port of Charleston can handle greater traffic from these and other domestic businesses.

The main barrier to marketing "new ideas" is that we have all the basics and most luxuries covered! There is almost nothing American consumers "need" that they don't already have.

The main barrier to more employment is high productivity. You don't need meatsacks running manual production machinery when fewer meatsacks can produce vastly more product supporting machining centers and other automated production equipment.

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