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Comment Immature know-it-all who needs more experience? (Score 1) 509

You need to learn some humility and sense of your own limitations. Concurrency and revision control have been around for decades, so it's concerning that you don't know that.

As for your colleague, you're just describing a shit engineer. That's a problem with your company and its processes. That's a management issue. Whinging on /. won't change that, so what are your proposals to your management to improve the team?

Another question for you: what expectations does your employer place on people to learn new technologies and theories? What opportunities do they provide for career path and growth that might encourage somebody to learn new things? Has your colleague been asked to take on new roles and responsibilities that might need him to adapt?

Perhaps you need to express code review in terms of cross-training, effective communication to the wider team and improving the health of the team beyond truck count = 1.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 201

I think it comes down to screen size and viewing distance. Personally I think 4K could provide a better movie experience than 3D. Sitting close to an enormous screen is pretty damn immersive. Then again, I don't particularly want my living room dominated by the TV.

I do like a large screen to work with, although I cannot use a 1080 screen on a 15" laptop (everything's too small for my eyes). Increasing the resolution and DPI better not make things smaller!

Comment Re:Kind of innevitable and entirely reasonable (Score 1) 297

Exactly, an item's not taxable until you make a sale. Give away your free code and there's no tax on it, not matter how cool or valuable you might think it is. The government will tell you what exchange rate to use and then you pay your tax liability in the currency of their choice. The AC that started this thread is clearly pretty naÃve about how taxation works. I'd like to see them refuse to pay just because the government doesn't accept alternatives to the national currency :)

Comment Re:Not true. (Score 1) 984

The question is not about lines, it's if they are set to go off when you are going 56 in a 55 zone, and so forth. If they do not allow for imperfections in speedometer readings, they will overticket the population. There is also a question of how many are mounted and where; if you drive down a main thoroughfare going 60 in a 55 zone and get three tickets for it in one day, that's an issue.

Maybe they should be that sensitive. I lived in Melbourne for a while a few years ago. It seemed the police regularly ticketed people for going 4kph over the limit on the highway (that's less than 4% leeway). Guess what? Everybody drove the speed limit or slower. When the limit changed, everybody changed speed at that point. Car speedometers are accurate enough these days that there is no need for any tolerance. People need to drive better and pay more attention.

Comment Re:Electricty has made daylight savings obsolete (Score 1) 646

For those of us living at latitudes above 50 degrees, darkness both going to work and coming home irrespective of DST is just reality for several months of the year. I'd much rather have a few more weeks light in the evening when I can enjoy it than in the morning when I'm rushing to work. It's really really irritating when the clocks go back and take that evening light away. I'm so looking forward to it being restored in a few weeks.

Comment Re:get a second desktop monitor. (Score 2) 312

Or don't have such a tiny laptop! I have a 17" MacBook Pro, which I realise isn't for everybody, but it makes for an awesome machine in a great form factor. I can work on it productively out of the office and it doesn't break my back cycling to and from work like most equivalent PCs do. In the office it's hooked up to a 24" screen too.

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