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Comment Re:Broadband speeds are fictious in the UK (Score 1) 78

Not very accurate. Maybe too BT or BT reseller centric?

I put in my address:
ADSL available at ~7.5Mbps
Cable services not available
FTTC services available
BT 21CN services available
Wireless services not available

I actually have ADSL syncing at 18.2Mbs down and 1.3Mbs up, via Be Unlimited (I think they use their own hardware in the Exchange).

Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 159

It's ridiculously expensive to buy anything in Australia

There, fixed it for you.

I live in London and I find Australia expensive. My wife is from Melbourne and claims she can't afford to move home.

I bought a book from Amazon.co.uk when I was living in Melbourne a few years ago. $45 to buy locally, $33 of which half was the postage to have it flown literally halfway around the world.

Comment Re:Welcome back to 2005 (Score 3, Insightful) 442

This is the year of HEVC/H.265, which is expected to give birate improvements for the same quality of up to 50% compared with AVC/H.264. Expect to see content in this format later in the year.

Ultimately though you're right: without 4K content there'll be little demand. Upscaling 1080p will only go so far.

Comment Re:Honestly? (Score 1, Insightful) 220

And still a tired old monolithic app. I switched to Chrome eight months ago, and although it uses a lot of memory it does give me the ability to properly manage its memory and CPU usage: it's so much easier to identify pages to kill when they're running in their own process space. Not only does this allow me to selectively reduce the app's memory footprint, but I can conserve battery life on my laptop by easily culling busy pages.

Comment Re:Read Again (Score 1) 453

I've wasted way too much time faffing around with alternative map apps and so far they've all been shite. I just want something that works out of the box thanks. I don't get the fuss about Open Street Maps either.

Comment Re:Mandarin Chinese (Score 3, Informative) 514

It gives you a chance to re-iterate in the other person's language what you meant. Or you could just consider it useful for good will and generally smoothing your relationships. You can't go wrong improving your language skills.

Having lead off-shore Chinese developments teams since 2006, I wish I'd invested time in learning the language. The smattering of German I learnt at the Goethe Institut a few years ago really helps me with my German colleagues, even if it's an opportunity for them to laugh at me over a beer. It does give me a better sense of what is being discussed if they're talking to each other in German though.

Anyway, the story is about somebody in the US mid-West. That's a brutal time difference for working with Chinese colleagues. I did it for a number of years from Toronto (12-13 hours time difference). I'm much happier doing it from London now: I'd rather start work at 06:30 than have to come back to work at 21:30 after being out for dinner and not know when I'm going to escape so I can go to bed.

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