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Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 149

You assumed I was talking about you. I was just making a broad statement. I think we have the same opinion of "news". If you fall into the category I described, that's unfortunate for you. If not, you shouldn't be so defensive. I actually haven't watched John Stewart in years, either. I haven't watched much of Steven Colbert's show, just some of the other ridiculous stuff he's done. I like that he remains in character ALL THE TIME. Of course, that could turn into something more than a joke eventually. I doubt I could ever actually make it through ANY of The View. I did watch when Bill O'Reilly made an appearance on that show, though.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 2) 149

Anybody who uses a cable news channel as part of their argument in politics and religion must be a damn genius! Especially the FoxNews haters who think Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly don't have talk shows but actually report news. I actually get all my news on current events from John Stewart and Steven Colbert. Oh, and The View.

Comment Re:ridiculous (Score 2) 370

I thought the antitrust suit against Microsoft was ridiculous, too. I'm not a user of Microsoft products, either. I don't even think bundling IE with their OS is wrong. I would never use it! It seems to me that a monopoly is something where consumers don't have a choice and then the price fixing begins. It should also be something important, like telephone communications (ATT), and not a side note of the entertainment world. There are plenty of other mp3 players around. And, plenty of other software to use. And even more ways to get music. Apple didn't have good business sense not letting other companies write software to allow more use of their iPods, but they are not required to let others cash in on their hardware.

Comment ridiculous (Score 1, Informative) 370

I am not a fan of Apple. ITunes is one of the worst pieces of crap I ever made the mistake of using. However, popularity and lack of research done by users of iTunes does not make a monopoly. Apple makes the software that runs on their hardware. Nobody is forced to use iTunes. As much as I dislike Apple, this is ridiculous.

Comment oh (Score 1) 607

I couldn't get past the stupidity. Since when do free people let their government make any rules about how they communicate? And, in a government that explicitly gives the power to the people and not the government. Not to mention, this is a part of the government that doesn't have the power to make rules like this. If you don't like the corporation, don't buy from them. "It's the only game in town". Whine some more, or do something about it.

Comment ahh (Score 1) 568

I have not read any other comments. Nor will I. Isn't this what happens with every console? Game makers cater to the "console du jour" market for a few years because it is a bigger market. Then it gets stale. So then they turn toward the PC market. Which then reinvents itself (and almost completely impossible to keep up with during this phase). And the PC graphic revolution always sparks the next console idea. Although, Nintendo almost screwed this cycle up with the release of the Wii. People didn't care about the poor graphics on the Wii, they were having fun. They got retirement homes to host Wii bowling tournaments!

Comment skimmed through comments (Score 1) 766

First, you can make any distro look any way you want. Next, PCLinuxOS IS a good distro but it is based on Mandriva, not Debian. Mandriva was originally based on Red Hat. Second, it's been my experience that "regular" Windows users don't know what an operating system is and don't even know the difference when you spring on them a different OS. The only real concern you should have is security fixes. So then you have to go with an OS that will tell them something needs to be updated, and then guides them through the update. Ubuntu does have an automatic update feature now, but that seems like it could cause problems. This all being said, I just did a minimal install of Ubuntu and then installed LXDE and a few other useful "normal user" apps on a box for family members who don't really know how to run a computer. They aren't having any problems and haven't said anything about the difference between that and Windows XP.

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