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Comment Modern business school thinking (Score 5, Informative) 617

Ever had a conversation with these guys about how they do their jobs? They think in the short term and quantitatively, not quantitatively. They figure if they can get 2 subpar H-IBs at the same price as a 50 year-old, it evens out in the end.

Short story, I had a great conversation with one of these guys years back who was a manager of a chain restaurant. He was explaining to me the glorious logic of shorting ingredients to save money. How, by removing one pickle from a sandwich you could save millions a year. He was wildly enthusiastic about how powerful a management tool that shorting ingredients was. Now, as I listened to this my thoughts were on the long term effects of this policy and the promotion he was angling for.

So, Joe the manager cuts one pickle, saves the company $10 million a year and gets promoted up. Kelly takes his place and wants to move up too. So, she decides to make the buns 1 ounce smaller. She saves the company mad money and gets promoted up as well. And so on and so on until a premier chain restaurant starts looking more like McDonalds quality. But, none of those guys care because by the time the shit hits the fan they're probably cashed out!

Comment Re:reminds me of rifts (Score 1) 147

Yeah they came up w/ an MDC system (mega damage capacity) which was roughly 100 SDC=1MDC and nothing SDC damage class could hurt anything MDC. It's like a crude armor piercing system. That works OK I guess when all youre concerned about is robots bashing each other, but when a game world gets as complex as Rifts with so many levels of players, vehicles, robots, aircraft, etc. it can cause problems. That leads to the power creeping when you've got some mage casting spells w/ enough damage to flatten a city.

Comment I've got a GTX 680 M (Score 1) 176

And, I'd say it's way overpowered. Right now, I can play BF3 and Eve simultaneously w/ no problems. I got it for future proofing my gaming needs. Hardware has to be ahead, though. If it wasn't gamers would be in a constant cycle of upgrading hardware. By getting the latest/greatest, I've seen that I can go about 5 years before needing an upgrade to stay current.

Comment OT: Fake maple syrup (Score 2) 387

There's a lot of domestic fake maple syrup, which is nothing but maple syrup-flavored corn syrup. So, don't get too nationalistic in criticizing the crap the Chinese are sending us.

BTW, I heard a year or so a go there was an effort to make a law banning selling anything not pure maple syrup as such.

Comment Bookmarks are a weak data model (Score 1) 171

Mind you, I can't think of a better alternative but there's something inefficient about them. Especially with Mozilla's high-maintenance UI. Personally, I think I'd be happy with bookmarks separated into an easy-to-populate short list of favorites (like Mozilla's favorites home page) and a disposable link bucket where I can save a link I had trouble finding, but remove it as soon as I access it again.

Comment You're all getting what you asked for (Score 5, Interesting) 329

All the over-the-top criticisms about how much George Lucas sucked and how anyone could do a better job and how he's just milking the franchise (6 moves in 30 years and a handful of TV projects?). You're about to get pile drived by reality. You're going to see what it looks like when a corporation REALLY milks a franchise to get their 4 billion back in one CEO terms. You're going to see what a REAL mass-appeal version of Star Wars looks like with Disney-developed child stars and some schmuck producer's pet actress/mistress on the billboard. And, unlike the prequels, you're REALLY going to find out what it feels like to turn your back on a franchise instead of nerd raging about how you will after your last ThinkGeek purchase.

Comment Re:This idea is getting worse every day... (Score 2) 329

And, nobody told you the difference between hyperbolic, headline-grabbing crucifixion and thoughtful criticism. Most of these sci-fi movies that induce Slashdot nerd rage seems to somehow build up a big fan base, revenue, and many-many repeat viewings. Yet, the critically acclaimed sci-fi flicks get nothing more than quiet whimpering over how poor the quality is of your pirated copy.

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