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Comment IETestDrive (Score 1) 274

Of course Galactic is going to work best with IE9! It's designed by the same org!
In time, most HTML5 performance hiccups of most compatible browsers will be fixed, leaving this site pointless.
What was the "News Site"? How do we know it wasn't specifically designed with IE9 in mind, or had help from the someone close to the IE9 project? It didn't say "unaffiliated News Site", or "Independent News Site". It could just as easily be, which is affiliated with Microsoft, and thus will probably work best with IE9.

One more thing: Why were the browsers jumping around to different spots on each summary graph? That was really annoying to have to follow!

Comment Re:In Soviet Russia... (Score 1) 676

I thought the Free Software Foundation was that commie-pinko organization, bent on destroying the reputation of many beloved establishments which we hold near and dear to our hearts (Microsoft and Apple to name a couple. Hang in there boys! McCarthy will rise again!), thus crumbling one of the established cornerstones of Capitalism?
Under Steves (Ballmer/Jobs) America!
In Soviet Russia, GNU -IS- Unix!


Comment How many people here use some sort of Ad Blocking? (Score 1) 479

It should be noted that the "study" was conducted by the advertising network Chitika (quoted, because the mentioned "study" was probably just running AWStats or Webalizer against Chitika's own access logs). The unfortunate problem with this is that most, if not all modern browsers have the ability to utilize ad blocking solutions. When an ad is blocked, I belive that usually means your browser isn't even requesting the ad. You won't show up in their access logs. Browser-based analysis will be skewed.

That being said, my assumptions about ad blocker proliferation may be overly ambitious.

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