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Comment Re:155mph isn't green using any fuel (Score 1) 105

The EROEI of biodiesel fuels is around 3-3.5. Straight vegetable oil, like this, is higher because there is no conversion process. Also, the Haber-Bosch process does not consume natural gas, it consumes hydrogen, and in the past was a totally renewable processing using hydroelectricity and electrolysis systems. Now the economics are different. Also, energy consumption doesn't matter in the end, only emissions.

Comment Re:Ehrlich was right, just a little early. (Score 1) 522

Simon was actually right. Right now we are in the peak of human growth. I think it will slow down as more of the world develops and affluence appears.

The "simple physics" is not so simple when you have a sentient and innovative race in the picture. As the materials are depleted, we are finding increasing substitutes, for example, we instead of steel, we are making cars out of carbon. We are using aluminum instead of copper, etc. I eventually think we will end up with plastic wires. Plastic and carbon are a virtually inexhaustible resource (iron and steel is too), especially, with the increasing amount of work done on the electrolysis of carbon dioxide (I.E. the reversal of fossil fuel consumption) using renewable energy.

Simon's theory did not predict a constant decline of prices. Instead, he predicted that prices would rise. Then innovators would create radical new technologies and business models, causing prices to crash. Larger businesses continue to reduce prices little by little until they reach the price floor. Then prices rise again, repeating the cycle. You can think of these price increases as a bubble. For example, we are in an oil and energy conservation bubble. With renewable energy growth and falling prices in that sector, we will see an energy crash and glut.

I also believe that one day we will exhaust the resources of earth. I also predict we will be flying off to space the next day. I expect this to be very far in the future, but I do not know when.

Comment Re:Ehrlich was right, just a little early. (Score 1) 522

Energy isn't getting any cheaper.

Stop. Fact ignored. Solar energy prices fall 9% per year continuously. The amount of energy available from the sun is extreme, you can power the consumption of a US suburban family's life off of the energy hitting their roof with 20% efficient (typical) solar. The issue is mainly a manufacturing/cost reduction issue.

There is nothing else. Fossil fuels were a one time windfall for humanity. We squandered it and there's nothing we can do about it.

Using gasification and synthesis technology, we can foresee many potential solutions, including the diverse schemes that have been proposed and demonstrated for the conversion of CO2 and H2O in to oil using solar energy.

Comment Re:all societies will always censor (Score 2) 56

Irregardless of the differences between what is censored between the different nations, there is one huge difference between nothing ever censored at all and something censored: infrastructure. The infrastructure is a drag on businesses and individuals alike. For example, if I am responsible if someone posts something "bad" in a comment on a blog I run, then that makes it much harder for me to run my own blog. If I am a common carrier, then that makes it a lot easier to do.

Comment Re:Different ways of giving back. (Score 1) 326

But the OSS community went and said Ohh look their Bad lets make GPL3 that stops these evil money making people from using OSS in that way.

Because we don't care about market share. We don't give a damn about companies using our software. We care about freedom, of us and our users. Suppose you fought for freedom and democracy, and as an ancillary effect, painted stuff blue. Then a world dictator offered to paint the whole world blue. Would you want that? No, because you really don't care about painting stuff blue (having people use Linux). What you really care freedom and democracy (freedom to modify software), which is incompatible with the existence of the dictator. What good is having a free and open system if you can't make use of your freedoms?

At work I had to be sure I never imported a GPL Library, because the rules would conflict with the companies business model.

Yes, it's a shame you can't take software without paying for it. However, IANAL, but for the most part this is ok with LGPL'd code. It really depends on the details, but LGPL'd libraries, (most useful libs are LGPL) are not GPL'd. You also can call out to a GPL'd program within proprietary code, AFAIK. For example, you could run a GPL'd "ls" shell command and read back the results and that would be ok.

Comment Re:Still using gasoline? (Score 1) 200

The long answer, nature has stored solar energy over millions of years in this nice carrier called hydrocarbons. I call them nice because they are very energy dense, lack chemical reactivity almost completely.

At 0.00000000001% efficiency. Since you don't understand that the sun hits earth with over 1000 times more energy than a planet of 10 billion Americans, or that my friends drive to work on solar energy hitting 11 foot by 11 foot squares on their roofs, it's not even worth responding to the rest of your derivative, pseudo-intellectual post.

Comment Re:When we look back... (Score 1) 372

The estimate is an inflated estimate from the "Footprint Network". I've researched the estimate in detail, and if you took out their consideration of CO2 emissions, you would not have issues. In fact, if you take out CO2, the footprint is going down. Given trends on green energy development, I see this as trend as reversing within the next 10-20 years. I believe that the 2020's-2030's era will be a boom time of cheap energy.

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