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Comment Re:Defensive patent (Score 1) 191

This is totally off topic, but I'm amused by the irony inherent in your signature. It is of the form:

(mangled idiom), (linguisitic joke)

Please try:

For all intents and purposes, ...

Unless, of course, you're asserting that only people that work really hard that use 'whom' are targeted.

Comment Re:Space elevator? (Score 1) 98

So what if the launch loop didn't have the turnarounds at each end? What if the two stations were near one of the poles instead of at the equator? You locate at a latitude just far enough away from the pole to make the circumference of a circular loop equal to 4000km. Then, instead of tossing the cable up in a straight line and have to turn it around at the other end, you toss it in the air, and the earth's rotation carries it around to the other station "halfway around the world", where it's launched up again.

Maybe it wouldn't curve just because the earth is turning underneath it? Maybe it would go in a straight line equal to a great circle headed away from the pole?

Comment Re:Importing characters from earlier games (Score 2, Insightful) 241

Seems like there's a middle ground where the designer could provide for a dual path experience. Create levels and challenges that can't be solved using the god-like tools developed in the previous installment. Newbies to the 2nd installment could play through and gain the tools they need along the way. Imports could play through and still be entertained by the challenges and gain new tools.

I think it's limiting to assume that any uber-powerful skill can be applied to solve any kind of problem.


Submission + - GPS notification of speed cameras

sfm writes: Imagine your GPS giving warnings when approaching speed cameras ? A new service does just that, and even includes common locations for mobile speed traps. If we believe the press, the purpose of the cameras is to improve safety. There should be no complaints about this new service, right? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/06/07/AR2009060702107_2.html?sid=ST2009060702127/

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