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Submission + - Astrology Proven; renamed Seasonal Biology (

marleyboy writes: FTA: "The season in which babies are born can have a dramatic and persistent effect on how their biological clocks function. That is the conclusion of a new study published online on Dec. 5 by the journal Nature Neuroscience. The experiment provides the first evidence for seasonal imprinting of biological clocks in mammals and was conducted by Professor of Biological Sciences Douglas McMahon, graduate student Chris Ciarleglio, post-doctoral fellow Karen Gamble and two undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University."

Today I tend to view astrology as the macroscopic blueprint of the soul, and psychology as the microscopic tool to use to sift through the filth picked up from the Earthly sojourn of the human instrument. However, there's a lot more to be considered as all they have done is determine that the amount of light at birth does have effect. The next step would be to determine how the different wavelengths of light could be changed and reflected through the circulation of solar wind in the solar system. There's a lot that could go into this and an incredible veil that could be lifted, if many of us could just hold this possibility in the waters of the imagination and slowly begin to think about the possibilities.

Comment Re:Doing what you like (Score 2) 633

I'm dreaming with you there buddy. Capitalism doesn't work with today's technology. I do think robots should be doing the jobs that people don't want to do. Instead of a salary based system, perhaps a resource based economy would make more sense. Money is only the energy of the banks and is used to facilitate the transit of goods in a supply and demand system. Right now I think the trick is to raise ourselves up enough that we can become interdependant with the systyem, instead of being a dependant of the system. then we can reach out and raise up others who have evolved enough to be able to handle the responsibility of being interdependant. It's a different perspective and comes from a different thrust of movement that today's enculturation tells us is how things work. It's based on sharing, not on greed.

Ever given thought to how much upheavel teleportation technology would cause in supply and demand? Trucking goes out of does the postman. Think of the unions. No more shipping containers, no more reliance on oil for transportation of goods. No more big rigs, and kids of that age will think Transformers are wrong. The world's oil addiction is cured, and airplanes become irrelevant. National boundaries become moot because if teleporation beomes a portable thing, well, the world becomes like the Steam game 'Portal'.

Now just what kind of society can handle that kind of technology? Certainly not capitalism. I think it'd be something were there's more light...

Comment Re:Information wants to be free. (Score 1) 633

You make a good point. I would build on your argument, saying that the current system of profit is outdated and cannot survive in a push-button culture. So long as people are motivated to share, replication will occur. That can't be stopped. To make pushing a sequence of buttons that allows one to share illegal just shows that the court system is outdated. Perhaps its time to start dreaming of a culture where piracy and counterfeit goods are irrelevant, and we mutually support each other instead of trying to profit off of each other. This assumed disenfranchisement of getting ahead today makes me sick.

Comment god is the framework, the content and the user (Score 1) 706

What if there always has been a system that records everything? In the eastern religions there's a substance that permeates everything, sees everything and knows everything. It's called 'akasha'. Perhaps these kids are just familiar with things being recorded and it's us old fogies that think we're consequence-less just because we're able to keep things 'under wraps' when there really are consequences we're just not sufficiently aware of. What is karma? Why would there be reincarnation?

Comment Peak advertising came and went a long time ago (Score 1) 366

Of course we hit peak advertising. That occurred a long time ago with the dawn of the download. Why the hell would I want to sit through advertisements when I can download it and not watch them? Why would I want to see ads on the internet if I can turn them all off with AdBlock? STOP TRYING TO SELL ME THINGS I DON'T NEED!

Comment more confusion than anything (Score 1) 600

The arguments posed in this thread are amusing at best, confused at worst. Perhaps the thing we need to learn collectively might be that our culture's perceptions on ourselves, the world and the universe are flawed. Only in the culture that has emerged in the past one hundred years do we consider 'civilized' society one where it's acceptable to manufacture consent, to use the science of psychology against each other in marketing and media, that war and violence are acceptable ways of conflict resolution. Only in this culture do we think that 'it's someone else's problem, they can deal with it' is acceptable. This separation of selves may have been necessary, but it's up to each one of us to do the internal defragmentation and recoding of our own 'programs'.

2220? Seriously, anyone who has watched the fast pace of evolution in computer technology should be able to step back and see the parallel ratcheting up in pace in other fields, like pharmaceuticals, finance, space exploration and environmental studies. Everything is on a schedule. Anyone who can't see this is likely in denial. There's certainly a lot of fear spread about the Long Count date.

I don't know, but it seems to me that the selfishness, greed and lack of regard for the environment we inhabit is something that cannot be sustained by the planet, and even society in general. The manipulation and disenfranchisement of the Other has reached epic proportions that have never been seen before in all of history. We are literally tearing each other apart. And people have come to believe that Nature is flawed, forgetting that humans are an intrinsic part of nature. Ridiculous ideas like putting mirrors in space to reflect light from the sun away from earth only serve to illuminate the collective darkness some seem to want to sustain. The tipping point we stand at today is one of responsibility. What will we chose to not stand for? Fate is something we each hold in our own hands.

The Mayans weren't counting days. They were counting something different. That idea is going to be foreign to anyone who thinks days are nothing but a linear sequence. I think anyone will agree that today's Gregorian calendar is more of a financial calendar. I see the Mayan's tzol'kin as more of a space-weather prediction system. Just because we're only now discovering the evidential existence of space weather doesn't mean that ancient civilizations didn't have their own unique ways and frames of understanding these concepts.

One of the best introductions I've found to the Mayan Calendars is Ian Xel Lungold's presentation called The Mayan Calendar Comes North.

The most important thing any seeker can remember, whether they be a mystic or informational, is that too many journalists screw up the story. The only way to cut through the chaff is to feel one's way forwards.

Comment literacy isn't just reading (Score 1) 494

This sort of thing really blows my mind. When necessary skills are taught by a machine, there's an over-reliance on the machines. I write short-stories and the like, and I prefer to hand-write the first draft and the second draft is when it goes into the computer. It slows me down and keeps the stories coherent. If I'm typing, my fingers start moving faster than my mind and I tend to start rambling.

My point is, all knowledge is communicated through language. If we can't educate each other on spelling, word structure and punctuation, relying on the computer to do it for us, there are basic literacy fundamentals that are not being met. Sure, computer literacy is important, but language literacy isn't just knowing how to read, but also how to write. The brain needs to know how to form words, and just pushing buttons to make a computer assemble the words is not teaching knowledge. It's teaching laziness. I might argue that while computer literacy may be on the increase, its at the expense of basic language literacy.

Comment Re:Thank you Einstein (Score 1) 412

What makes you think that the adult perspective on science and the world has any grounding in reality? You're dreaming. I'm dreaming. All most adults do is build selfish egos, play games and lie to children in the name of controlling an illusion that is starting to fall apart. And parents wonder why their kids won't listen when they lie to them.

It amazes and sickens me how adults like to think they're right about everything and that children need to be fixed. It's symptomatic of the society we live in; address symptoms and try to fix things instead of looking at the actual causes and rooting them out.

I may be an adult, but the degree of adulthood cynicism and outright lying is something that has bothered me since I was a kid. Ender's Game summed it up quite nicely for me: 'sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth'

Maybe I'm overreacting to your statement that the study seems to be pushing the idea that there's literally a functional difference in their brain. The fact that you then ask 'Can we do anything about it?' and think that it might be useful seems very naive. Of course there's a functional difference, and that's important. WHY DO YOU THINK WE ARE WHERE WE ARE TODAY? Ethics, my dear. Just because you *can* do something doesn't mean you *should*. But what should be done that isn't being done? Adults like forseeable futures with retirement plans, reliable savings, investments and loans. Most adults are afraid of thinking for themselves and require dependencies like jobs, oil and money to function. Thing is, they're all just systems designed to sustain the so-called American Dream, which is really just another way of saying American Illusion. Today they're in the process of breaking down, but in the name of preserving this status quo we supposedly have change we can believe in. Instead of 'investing in our future' perhaps we should be divesting our current of the temples that channel our economic waters.

Yikes, I'm starting to ramble. Time to wrap this up.

Respect your child and learn how to learn from them, and they will teach you of the Mysteries. Try to label and classify 'disorders' in children and all you'll ever be doing is ignoring the societal issues that they are reflecting.

Comment Re:Thank you Einstein (Score 1) 412

Interesting. So is human behavior different than human nature? And is human behavior influenced by the global environment of a century of wartime? Could all studies on human behavior in the past hundred years be wrong because of not accommodating for broadcast images of war?

How can we really think we know anything about human nature?

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