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Comment God bless Texas! (Score 1) 1238

It's about time someone addressed the indoctrination taking place in our public schools. The liberal "trend" has turned into a liberal "psunami" over the past fifty years, right has become wrong and wrong is right. How else would such a poser, fraud and louse become POTUS? It past time to return to self reliance and resurrect common sense.

Comment Nothing is free!!! (Score 1) 2424

This country is going broke because of entitlements. This nightmare passed by a fraud and a tyrant will need thousands of government employees to run it, all paid by taxpayers. The waste, fraud and abuse will escalate through the roof. The bigger government gets the more taxes we pay and the less liberties we have. This is a MASSIVE expansion of government. We had a revolution over this type of dictating. I'm blessed to have seen America in it's heyday, this is the beginning of the end.

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