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Comment Re:Resistance is Futile... (Score 1) 151

7. Applications that replace, remove or modify the default dialer, SMS, or MMS interface.

8. Applications that change the default browser, search client, or media player on the device.

In other words: anything that makes our crappy OS suck less...

It's kind of strange that they think this is okay, but they haven't added "email client" to one the above lists. Maybe they just forgot it or they know, that mobile outlook is so crappy that it would be useless...


California Family Fights For Privacy, Relief From Cyber-Harassment 544

theodp writes "Just days after his daughter Nikki's death in a devastating car crash, real-estate agent Christos Catsouras clicked open an e-mail that appeared to be a property listing. Onto his screen popped his daughter's bloodied face, captioned with the words 'Woohoo Daddy! Hey daddy, I'm still alive.' Now he and his wife are attempting to stop strangers from displaying the grisly images of their daughter — an effort that has transformed Nikki's death into a case about privacy, cyber-harassment and image control. The images of Nikki, including one of her nearly-decapitated head drooping out the shattered car window, were taken as a routine part of a fatal accident response and went viral after being leaked by two CHP dispatchers. 'Putting these photos on the Internet,' says the family's attorney, 'was akin to placing them in every mailbox in the world.'"

Hadron Collider Relaunch Delayed 223

SpuriousLogic writes "There's been another delay in the schedule announced for getting the Large Hadron Collider switched back on — now it's September 2009, a year after it shut down due to a malfunction. Scientists had said they expected the $5.4B machine to be repaired by November 2008, but then pushed the date back to June 2009, before the latest delay."
The Internet

WISPS Mean Cable and DSL Aren't the Only Choices 256

Brett Glass writes "Feel like you're stuck with a no-win choice between expensive cable modem service and slow DSL for Internet? Currently using satellite, with long latencies that make it impossible to do VoIP or interactive gaming? One of America's best kept secrets, so it seems, is the wide coverage of WISPs — terrestrial (not satellite or cellular) wireless broadband Internet providers. The linked article gives an overview of WISPs and provides a handy map showing their nationwide coverage (more than 750,000 square miles of the continental US — and only about one third of the WISPs in the US are on the map so far). Most WISPs are small, independent, consumer-friendly, and tech savvy, making them a better choice than big, corporate ISPs who can't even tell a penny from a dollar."

Comment Good... (Score 1, Troll) 84

... nice to see somebody who don't just ship the product and then hope to fix issues with later software updates. I was going to mention the IPhone here, but I actually couldn't think of a phone that didn't have issues on initial release. So I won't.... Oh, I guess I already did...

Comment Re:would you buy a cell phone with NO support? (Score 1) 617

I'll probably stay away from this to... But as a former Palm Pro, V, T3 owner, I actually look back at the palm sync system with found memories, now that I have to live with abomination that is ActiveSync/MobileSync. Okay, I've never gotten a duplicate, but my device is routinely forgotten by activesync and I have to create it again. Sometimes I have the same effect you had, only with files sync. When the device is seen as new, it has to get a new name, and an empty directory is created for file sync - on first sync, the computer directory is empty and I have a lot of files on the Mobile. It seems random what Active sync decides should be the correct state on first sync....

Russia To Require Registration For Wi-Fi Use 155

Oleg.salenko points out a ComputerWorld story with some bad news for Russia's wireless users, which starts out "Business travelers to Russia might want to keep their laptops and iPhones well-concealed — not from muggers, necessarily, but from the country's recently formed regulatory super-agency, Rossvyazokhrankultura (short for the Russian Mass Media, Communications and Cultural Protection Service)... Rossvyazokhrankultura's interpretation of current law holds that users must register any electronics that use the frequency involved in Wi-Fi communications, said Vladimir Karpov, the deputy director of the agency's communications monitoring division, according to an English commentary provided by website The Other Russia."

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