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Comment Visit from the FBI (Score 1) 155

This reminds me of when the FBI visited my grandfather because he had the same name as some mafia guy who happened to live nearby. I remember him having to sign paperwork swearing he wasn't the same guy as the criminal. lol Crazy stuff! This was in the late 80s, btw.

Comment Spy Hunter (Score 1) 632

I would also play Spy Hunter with the 2 game controllers plugged in. One on the floor so I could change weapon selection with my feet and the other in my hands for controlling the car and firing. Like I said, sad.

Don't feel bad... I played the same way on my C64. I bet lots of kids did that back then.

btw... I'm also from Central NJ and I learned Apple BASIC and Pascal in school, as well. (Graduated HS in '88) No COBOL for me, though. By the time I had computer classes in school, I had a Vic-20 at home, so I walked in basically knowing BASIC already. Helped having a grandmother that treated me to a computer when I was around 11. heh She also got me my C64. Thank you, Nana! I miss you!

Comment Re:GEOS! (Score 2) 654

Wow! I never realized how popular is actually was. From the Wiki article: "At its peak, GEOS was the third most popular operating system in the world in terms of units shipped, trailing only MS-DOS and Mac OS."

I always felt like I was the only one in my neighborhood who owned it.

Comment Re:GEOS! (Score 1) 654

I remember my word processing program disk died for my C64 one day, so I ended up using the one in GEOS to get my school paper done that evening. It actually was fairly nice for the day. I tend to think I would pull my hair out now if I tried using it. heh

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