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Comment Re:HTC's handset volume declined by -43% (Score 1) 280

It may in the TFA (tl:dr) or the same data also reported elsewhere but these figures are only for smartphones. If you include 'feature phones' then Nokia still sold more than World+dog. 76 million I think was the number. Plus you have to include the fact that NOBODY is buying Nokia smartphones at the moment because the entire (niche) market is waiting for Monday to buy 820s and 920s. Nokia's Q4 will look a lot more positive. HTC, although it has put some effort into quite a nice design for the 8X and 8S is still predominantly an Android company and there may be some people holding out for their Winphones but their Android phones should be selling regardless. The trend for HTC seems to be inescapably downwards but Nokia might just pull it off.

I had an HTC Legend a while back. Beautiful little device, but as many have pointed out: No upgrades to the OS


Submission + - Microsoft TouchDevelop Now Runs in a Browser 2

occasional_dabbler writes: The TouchDevelop programming environment, which has been available on Windows Phone for some time, lets you create apps in a simple and easy way. It has just been released as a web app (preview)

Your scripts can remain on your own device or account, or you can publish them for others to download, run and modify. You can even write full apps for publishing in the Windows store.

The list of supported browsers makes interesting reading: Obviously IE10 is there so you can code on your shiny new Surface, but iOS, Android and Chrome browsers? Write code on your iPad or Chromebook but for Microsoft products!

Not all APIs are yet implemented in the web app, it is only a preview at the moment, but it's free to use and has examples and tutorials that make it easy to get started with

Comment Re:Web Apps already failed, ChromeOS is obsolete (Score 1) 283

I don't think it's true to say that web apps didn't catch on, but the better ones are simulacra of native apps like the MS office web apps or Apple iCloud/iWork apps. You can use them if you have to but you sure as hell fire up a native app if it's available instead.

Now if ChromeOS could run IE6, then all those hideous web apps used in company intranets would work and they'd have a product!

Comment Re:Missing the Point (Score 1) 297

Yeah, the 15 rating thing is stupid but that's lawyer crap and nothing to do with the tech. Maybe it'll change in future? Who knows :-(

Game development for RT isn't impossible though (it says here...):

As for the other stuff, sandboxing comes with a price, but surely the security and stability improvement is worth it? I don't even play games let alone develop them so you'll have to explain why I would need IPC (You get basic IPC to the MS built-in apps I think) and plugins and scripting are just one means to an end aren't they? You don't need to use them?

All that said, I'd quite like one of these Surface thingies, but I'll wait for the i5 one because I want to be able to run Python on it on the train.

Comment Missing the Point (Score 2) 297

RT is what MS want Windows to become. The desktop is legacy and at some point it will be dropped (admitedly, likely to be many years in the future). Dropping legacy support is one of Apple's strengths so why shouldn't MS try the same approach? Sure, on Oct 26th the RT tablets are going to be a bit of a dissapointment, but that will change. RT is a powerful framework:


"...And in the same vein of blowing past peoples' expectations, virtually no app could not be written as a WinRT app. Many are imagining very simple, HTML-like apps, and while I'm sure there will be plenty of those, you need to reset your expectations up. WinRT is amazingly full-featured and not constrained to goofy utilities and simple games. The next "Call of Duty" could be a WinRT app, complete with support for Edge UIs and Charms..."

It is the x86 tablets that are the stop-gap

Comment Re:Is the problem Chrome itself? (Score 1) 230

Really? How is this possibly useful? So I can't use this thing to work on trains or planes, just on my home wifi, on the 3G portable hotspot I would need to buy (so long as I'm in a city) or at Starbucks? I would get better value from a pen a calculator and 40 pads of quad-ruled A4...

Submission + - What's the Best Way to Protect My Software?

occasional_dabbler writes: I am a hobby coder. In my day job I've been able to convince clients to pay for some small applications related to my main work as an engineer. All written in Python with wx GUIs. Everything else I've done has been OSS so copy protection was irrelevant

For several years I've been working on a project, firstly in Excel, now in a mix of Python and Fortran, that will be the first thing that I can sell as a stand-alone product. It is very niche; I might sell anything between zero and five copies, but the nearest comparable products sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

My question is this: What is the best way to protect such a product? Key it to a specific machine? Run it on a server via ssh -X and charge for a login? Rewrite as a web app (Can I use Numpy/Scipy?) or should I use a commercial licensing product like FlexLM?

As an added complication — it could conceivably be used for military purposes and be subject to ITAR or the EU equivalent. I think I would have to show some kind of effort to prevent it being used by unfriendly countries.

What have other Slashdotters done in similar situations?

Submission + - New Ubuntu annouced: Raring Ringtail. Focus on mobile. (

Volanin writes: So what will we be up to in the next six months? We have two short cycles before we’re into the LTS, and by then we want to have the phone, tablet and TV all lined up. So I think it’s time to look at the core of Ubuntu and review it through a mobile lens: let’s measure our core platform by mobile metrics, things like battery life, number of running processes, memory footprint, and polish the rough edges that we find when we do that. The tighter we can get the core, the better we will do on laptops and the cloud, too. [...] We’ll make something wonderful, and call it the Raring Ringtail.

Comment Re:A lower price would make people assume it was c (Score 1) 417

Something else that I never see on Slashdot is an understanding of the concept of fashion. Every slashdotter knows exactly why and when they would want to use a Mac or a PC running Linux, Windows, BSD whatever. He (/she) would pick the right tool for the job based on a technical understanding of what he needed to accomplish. But we are in a minority, dear friends!

My job involves a lot of air travel. In the airport lounge all I see these days are shiny corporate types, or tastefully scruffy creative types with MacBooks and iPads. Not a single one of them has a clue why this is a good idea (other than a hazy concept of 'fewer viruses'), they just want them because they look cool and expensive. The point about fashion is that it inevitably changes; as soon as a few of these Surfaces show up, the suits and artists will think they are cooler than iPads and will buy them in droves.

Microsoft have understood that there are a great many people who just want to have the 'best' thing. Apple's computers are far more beautiful than any PC out there and the iPad likewise amongst tablets. What Microsoft have done is to create a beautiful piece of hardware that stands comparison with the iPad and that is all they needed to do.


Submission + - Is Microsoft Going Gangsta?

theodp writes: When it was time to unveil Surface in LA last June, Steve Ballmer counted on Microsoft exec Mike Angiulo to put on a good show. Now, a week before Surface's bet-the-company launch, Angiulo has turned in another notable performance, teaming with rapper Too Short on the NSFW 2 Bitches (lyrics). According to TMZ, Angiulo’s wife paid Too Short $25K to perform at her husband's 40th b-day party. Just two weeks ago, rapper Machine Gun Kelly livened up a Microsoft Store with his NSFW Hold On (Shut Up) (video/lyrics). And last week, Microsoft enlisted world's-fasted-rapper NoClue — whose discography includes Feelin Me (lyrics) — to rap the praises of Windows Azure. So, is Microsoft going Gangsta?

Submission + - Surface Sold Out ( 1

occasional_dabbler writes: Microsoft's Surface RT tablets went on pre-sale recently. The cheapest version on the US store ($499) is already sold out and is on back order

The pricier versions are still available for the early delivery and all of them are still available in UK.

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