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Comment Re:Anything to get more customers (Score 1) 716

the point is: not ms is using it, the user is using it.
Like a knife. You can sell a knife without any problem, its perfectly legal. But if the buyer then kills someone with it, its an illegal use.
Maybe here there is no legal use for the youtube app possible, but then its only illegal to use the app, not to build it.
And as long as a user without google account can use the app (because google does not block the api to unauthenticated users), the user is not bound by any google TOS, and can use the app as he likes.

Comment Re:Anything to get more customers (Score 1) 716

what part of googles IP? Maybe they need to avoid using trademarks like Youtube, okay.

Having TOS on a website is not enough for consent, thats the reason every website puts a checkbox next to "i agree to the TOS". You need to activly agree to be bound ... the websites only enforce their TOS by not providing the service to users which did not click "agree". If they provide the service (as youtube provides videos to anonymous visitors), the visitor is not bound to any TOS.

Comment Re:I can't wait to see this battle (Score 1) 716

you're wrong there. the app maker writes a client, think of it like a browser (maybe with adblocker included). The content provider has the server. the user accesses the server with the client. the content provider can choose to require some kind of login and maybe even authorization of the app, by using some accesscodes. as long as the publisher freely allows access, the user can use the app to access it.

Comment Re:I can't wait to see this battle (Score 1) 716

they should win. What right does google have to enforce its TOS? If they provide a service with some API (and if its only HTTP with html which can be retrivied and parsed to extract video urls), everyone can access it and use it. The same thing, as website owner cannot forbid userscripts or adblocking. They choose what they provide with what interface, i choose which client i use, and how it should display the content.

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