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Comment Re:idiotic (Score 1) 242

wrong end. they want to block the entry nodes. and this is a known attack, elsewhere other people are already trying this, and there is a solution: bridge nodes. tor is build to enable you to connect to it, even when somebody wants to stop you. so good luck, guys.

Comment And also the type of device used kills creativity (Score 1) 126

Devices like tablets are in direct competition with notebooks and in some situations even PCs.
Now lets assume the typical slashdot poster, who is a hobby programmer.

If he's sitting at his pc, and surfs on the web, he may interrupt it to do some coding. maybe he's annoyed by something on a website and writes a userscript to change it, or he just gets an idea for a cool script and can instantly switch to a terminal and write it.

If he's surfing on his mobile device, he does not have a keyboard, and not even a system which does good multitasking (in the human sense, not in the multithreading sense). So if he's annoyed by something on a website, its likely, he just ignores it. Or maybe he tries to search for a userscript for his mobile browser, but its unlikely he starts writing one. And starting to program something more advanced on a touchscreen is even more unlikely.

You do not need to be a programmer, to have this problem. Mobile devices, which lack proper input like mouse and keyboard are designed for consumption, they are not designed to create something.

Comment Virtualization is kind of bullshit (Score 1) 201

when you virtualize in unix system, then you create a virtual machine to run multiple applications seperated from each other on a OS, which was invented to run multiple applications seperated from each other. Many applications do not really need a VM, but just a shell account and some own ip, where they are allowed to use privileged ports.

other approaches are chroot/lxc/linux-vserver maybe openvz lightweight VMs.

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