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Comment Re:Don't copy that floppy! (Score 1) 289

Honoring copyright restrictions is one lesson. The sooner the kids learn not to fuck with property owners, the better. A search for freely available content that teaches the kids that the property owning class has gone to great lengths to prevent access by the poor is another useful lesson.
The entire concept of property ownership and such artificial constructs could be examined, though my experience has been that most people's brains hurt too much when faced with abstractions of that magnitude, and their parents are likely to complain to the authorities.
We could all look at this and decide that laws should be created to serve and protect the People from greedy monopolistic overlords, but that is the punchline to this joke.

Comment Re:Getting an education today is hard (Score 1) 289

I noticed that when I was in school. In the mimiograph days, they had free-to-copy texts. When Xerox copiers came out, teachers started making pirate copies in clear violation of the stated terms in the textbooks they were stealing from.
By this time, I had learned not to always correct the glaring errors that our teachers committed, so I just let it slide.
If they have onerous restrictions, find a book that doesn't, and teach the publisher to provide useful texts. You can't cheat an honest man.

Comment Re:Depends on who owns the track... (Score 1) 164

Last time I rode Amtrak it was understood that fright traffic got priority, (I'm pretty sure we spent a few unscheduled hours on a siding every time I rode.) I didn't realize that it was not absolutely shitty on every line.
If you're going north on the Coast Starlight, schedule it on a full moon, the only non-sucky scenery goes by at night.

Comment Re:The State Militia (Score 2, Interesting) 501

Anyone planning armed resistance to our criminal government is an idiot. (Peaceful resistance looks pretty fucking foolish, as well.)
Anyone who thinks that taking away my guns improves security is an idiot. (If I can't be trusted with WMDs, then wtf am I doing AT LARGE?)
I can't seem to get through to anyone that the Second Amendment's purpose was to keep us from maintaining a tyrannical military, to be used for crimes against the People. Publius had to do a lot of hard selling to convince everyone that we could trust a national army. I think we got conned.

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