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Comment Re:Probably not just about facts (Score 1) 117

Wow. You've cornered the market on information, evidently. My brother has been living in Arnhem for a couple decades, and I asked him recently about that failure in Amsterdam to which you refer. Apparently not so well-publicised in the Netherlands as he had not heard anything.
I have to say, banning tourists from a coffeeshop sounds deranged, but then it is tourists we're talking about.

Comment Re:Cognitive dissonance (Score 1) 260

I suspect anything that demands neuroplasticity probably aggravates a broad range of mental illness

I've been suspecting a causal link to the Campanile freak-outs for some time; Aside from weird, counterindicated psychotropic medications, what novelty explains it?

Comment Re:Two-handedness (Score 1) 260

After I watched "Silverado", I started training on my two-handed pistol shooting. I practiced using my left eye to aim my left hand, and got pretty darn good at it.
Drinking kinda messed up my steadiness, I should have stuck to the herb.

Comment Re:Sadly true (Score 1) 333

Once, whilst I was spending some quality time in the back seat of an LAPD Cruiser, I noticed a list of all the police contacts I had from my earliest childhood, up on a screen in the front. Later, the officer told me to my face that he did not have access to any information aside from my conviction record. Those private data providers aggressively market to our police industry, and that stuff is apparently outside the scope of regulation.

Comment Re:wuauclt.exe (Score 1) 333

I just integrated a windows box with all the download services switched off. Major improvement, runs as well as Linux but with real Radeon drivers. :) (Unfortunately, my life is so bush-league that I actually have time to check in manually every fortnight.) Every once in a while, wuaserv switches itself on for something, and I don't believe it can be arsed to switch itself back off. I too, find it distressing when "my" machine starts grinding away at its own little side jobs.

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