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Comment Re:And we're reading about it here why? (Score 1) 229

If you want to be an utter dick about it and turn things on their head, then let me throw you another claim that is just as idiotic as yours:

When these US servicemen perform an act of terrorism on foreign soil, those who sympathize with them are terrorist sympathizers. Not sure how their families got drawn into it as they weren't a part of it in any shape or form.

Comment Re:And we're reading about it here why? (Score 3, Interesting) 229

Not to be an ass, but beyond the cute and cuddly propaganda, Libya didn't have a government (as in something that governs) since Gaddafi. This is simply because Libya as a country is a colonial age construct with borders drawn with a ruler. In reality, it's a tribal area with approximately 150 various tribes who are largely autonomous and often hate each other.

Gaddafi unified Libya because his political agenda has been "every tribe has its own militia and is largely autonomous, but to outsiders we're Libyans first". He maintained this by careful balance of both financial and military incentives, tribes that followed him in a more loyal fashion got much better financing, access to military gear and luxury goods. At the same time his secret police was hard at work figuring out who was on who's side. But each tribe got extreme amount of freedom in its own affairs, down to having its own army, police, and often legal framework.

After he was overthrown, this central control system broke down and now there's no Libya - instead there are approximately 150 small autonomous regions now which largely maintained their own armies from Gaddafi times, and care very little for what current "government" wants (in quote marks because it doesn't really govern anything).

As a result, destabilization of "Libyan government" is an oxymoron. You can't really destabilize something that is completely unstable in the first place. Will tribes use this as an extra excuse when they need to? Sure. Would they have done the same thing and use another of myriad of excuses, or just tell government to fuck off instead as they did before this incident on countless occasions? Yes.

Comment Re:original post (Score 4, Insightful) 75

"Inappropriate use" - anything we do not want user to do with it.
"Appropriate use" - anything we want user to do with it, or do to user.

Frankly, if what he's saying is true, he'd be fired the same day after giving this interview. MS is trying very hard to enter VoD/living room market, and that market largely functions based on efficient advertising. If they weren't exploring usage of extremely complex sensor system that identifies monitors people and their movements in the room as well as the room itself as to help make advertising much more efficient, they would be utterly stupid. It's the extremely obvious low hanging fruit.

Comment Re:This actually looks really unusable (Score 2) 317

This is the main reason why mouse will likely reign supreme as a controller for foreseeable future. It enables you to transfer movements of entire hand into pixel accurate control inputs, while keeping your fingers free for buttons.

That and it functions on a surface, which means that your hand can rest on the surface while inputting the motion controls, so it's not nearly as tiring as it would be without that support.

As a result, I really doubt that it's even possible to make a controller to match a mouse keyboard combo. This isn't so much a limitation of hardware on the computer/console as much as limitation of human body. Mouse is just that good.

Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Insightful) 260

It doesn't matter. Chavez was widely popular in Venezuela in spite of massive efforts to destroy his popularity. Now that he's out of the picture, his followers are not strong enough leaders to withstand the massive pressure US is still putting on Venezuela and slowly losing popularity.

In many cases, a good cause requires a strong charismatic leader and cannot continue without one in face of great adversity.

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