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Comment Re:Reason (Score 1) 185

The point is that to most businesses IP is an expense. A harmful existence. Your example of bakery is a good one.

Such companies are unlikely to be invested in the concept. It wouldn't be surprising if they were opposed to it in fact, as it increases their cost of doing business.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 336

It's always fun to hear that someone has an impotent fit of hysteria after running out of arguments. It also explains the whole "snappier" thing - as it does take quite an active delusion/imagination to draw such positive conclusions about 8.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 336

Microsoft could go into negative in its windows division and do fine. Office is the main money maker anyway, and it's still going to get a cut off almost every PC sold even if it stopped developing windows tomorrow.

OEMs on the other hand sell hardware. And hardware sits on the shelves, while customers ask "can I get this with 7? Only 8? Yeah, I'll stick to my old machine after all, thanks".

Calling that "crying", well, there is a special place in hell for people like you.

Comment Re:Thanks, California taxpayers! (Score 1) 238

Why you are so exceptionally clueless is beyond me. Automotive ICE efficiency is several TIMES worse than that of a major power plant burner.

As a result, how electricity is generated is largely irrelevant for the subject. It will still be always better than automotive ICE, even if it's a coal plant from the fifties.

It's a simply fact of both efficiency of using steam turbines vs pistons/wankel and economy of size.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 336

I'm sorry, are you someone who has any kind of power to change microsoft's stupidity?


Then why on earth would Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Acer and so on care enough about you or your opinion on the subject?

P.S. They have been complaining to about anyone in the press who has been listening though. Because unlike you, these people actually have the push to do something about it. A basic google search will result in a boatload of hits on the subject.

P.P.S. At least during vista, alternatives have been pretty crappy. Right now, alternatives are plentiful and PC sales show it. We're looking at a nosedive in PC sales for everyone right now. Far worse than ever before.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 336

Tell that to OEMs making those PCs. I'm sure they're interested to hear the grand olden stories of the good old days.

Unfortunately reality is that if you ask anyone working in today's shop what's the single most important reason people walk out of their shop without purchase, it's their answer "no" to the question "can I get this with windows 7?"

That is the sad reality. And excessive brown nosing isn't going to make it better - it's going to make it worse because the problem will not be fixed for a longer period of time.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 336

Indeed. Except that right now, even OEMs are screaming down your employer's/idol's ear to make a desktop OS for desktop again.

That and they are shifting towards making things other than PCs. Sadly. I guess we'll see what gives in first, desktop PC market or microsoft bosses egoes. As I quite like desktop PCs, I'm hoping is the latter.

Comment Re:Thanks, California taxpayers! (Score 1) 238

Yes, because these are solely spent on cars, and if cars didn't exist, we wouldn't need the electricity.

Seriously, head and ass. They should not be inside of one another. Normally.

And I drive a gasoline powered car by the way. And about 40% of electricity I buy is generated from coal according to my invoice. So what?

Comment Re:This is only one tree in a big forest (Score 1) 439

Which dictatorships? Democratic ones?

You know, there was a really good write up a while ago on al-jazeera about free trade and democracy. Specifically how to free trade, democracy is a despot, and despotic ruler is a good one. Because corporatism and fascism relies on pliable leaders willing to sell out their constituents, and democracy, when it works, produces leaders that do not.

The so called "bolivarian socialist places" such as Venezuela are a great example. Even with the massive economic punishment unleashed upon them by both multinationals and US, leaders of which apparently felt massively insulted by the fact that people actually dared to resist it, they managed to stand on their own two feet and improve their lives dramatically.

So do tell me, how are they "the same"? Do they push people into poverty in the name of enriching multinationals in Venezuela? Because last I checked, they keep nationalizing key industries, and using the profits to subsidize things like cheap food for the poor.

If that is "more of the same", we do not live in the same world, for I live in reality and you apparently live in the fantasy world filled with stars, stripes and freedom.

Comment Re:It's been attempted before.... (Score 2) 111

Problem with WASTE is its hilarious overhead. We had a case where around min 2000s uni network's DC hub was shut down and users moved to WASTE. Suddenly all those intranet 100mbps-1gbps links that you never saw coming close to 10% usage were getting saturated as WASTE bounced every file transfer several times between nodes to obfuscate sender/receiver.

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