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Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 392

We were talking about windows and its licensing and benefits of cracking its DRM. You barged in looking like an idiot and talked about using free software - when windows is all pay to get a license. In other words, you went wildly off topic.

Then you started throwing rocks around claiming those suggesting that talking about windows in a thread about windows is apparently a sign of computer illiteracy.

Well done.

Comment Re:Kinda funny (Score 1) 392

Different issue. He's talking about giving these to cracked windows where windows is cracked in a way that is detected. It's a part of their WGA program where they give you the updates, but they also try to send you messages and such urging you to buy a license.

This particular hack is largely undetectable for microsoft. As far as W7 is concerned, it's a legit OEM copy.

Comment Re:Kinda funny (Score 1) 392

To add to my other statement. Apparently they trick the bootloader by loading a separate loader before W7 bootloader loads which in turn adds ACPI tables to memory making W7 bootloader think it's running off a genuine OEM machine.

As far as W7 is concerned, its bootloader itself is not compromised in any way, and it has no way to check if it's booting off a secure machine as it has no secure boot. It's a pretty elegant hack that is very much future proof.

You can find all this stuff out by simply searching for "windows 7" on TPB, then locating the torrent with most seeds and checking the description and comments. It makes for pretty interesting read actually.

Comment Re:Kinda funny (Score 1) 392

It's not a rootkit. It appears to be a mechanism to strip the protection entirely if I'm understanding the thread on TPB correctly. So far there has apparently been only one update for 7 that has not been addale through WAU directly.

And if something breaks, apparently all you need to do is deinstall the crack, run installation and reinstall the crack.

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