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Comment Re:So..... (Score 1) 445

At this point, the episodes of blindness can be controlled though the fact that commercial airliners have a pilot and co-pilot. If one is blinded, the other takes controls. Civil aviation has an extreme hard on for avoiding single points of failure, to the point of forbidding pilots from eating the same item from in-flight menu as to avoid potential of food poisoning taking both pilots out of commission. Then there's the autopilot system on top of it. So no crashes that we know of at this point in time, just some close calls.

The same hard on for safety however dictates that something should be done about the problem. And as someone who would like to keep his eyes healthy for as long as possible, I happen to agree, as those laser pointers are equally present in drunken parties.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 1) 665

The article is about removing natural selection from the books. We can observe natural selection happening in a matter of days with some bacteria in a petri dish - it's an extremely well established scientific theory. We know it happens.

In fact, here's a nice picture:

When the other idea is based on "I have an imaginary friend who told me he wrote a book that said so", I dare say that teaching that as science is about the same as teaching cthulhu mythos as science.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 473

You have presented an unlikely argument, and backed it by linking to organisation with known penchant for outright lying and falsification of facts to the point of going to the court of law to uphold it's right to lie and falsificate facts.

The fact that you chose to pick your source from this organisation serves as a detriment to your argument, not a benefit as you seem to have implied.

I suggest finding a source with much better obfuscated agenda and that is better at lying.

Comment Re:Oh, come on. (Score 1) 253

Which was my point. Most people who fall under the definition would in fact do the very thing you seem to claim they wouldn't. If given a task of using all means to discredit the single person, examining his entire life, including that of his close family looking for potential dirt is what "responsible adult" would do.

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