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Comment Re:Hangings (Score 2) 1160

10 year sentence is about as long effective in terms of prevention as life according to most criminologists. From preventative point of view, as long as you can do an evaluation to keep those few that still pose a threat in prison, the rest should be released.

Vengeance based system views that such risks and assessments are irrelevant, as the goal is not to rehabilitate but to punish.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 88

So when you donate money to charity through a middleman and he takes a sizeable portion of your money, it's ok?

Where do you draw the line? How much can he take? Can he not tell you that he's taking a portion of the money for himself? In some countries that is actually illegal to do.

Comment Re:Re-Read Subject:AdBlock does less by FAR (Score 1) 185

And assembler does far more than C when done right too.

My point, which you keep walking past is that messing around with hosts file is significantly more complex than just using adblock if all you need is ad blocking functionality in your browser. It's like writing software that can be comfortably written in C in assembler instead.

Comment Re:AdBlock does less by FAR &... (Score 1) 185

Nope, it's coded in higher level language used by plebs unlike assembler that does it all better and more efficiently. But you plebs want to make things comfortable and easy instead of powerful and hard. Like ones that use adblock instead of maintaining hosts files, or using higher level programming languages instead of assembler code.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 88

Two problems:

1. People who want to buy the limited packages could have been giving the money to the devs to fund the game. Which is the entire point of the whole "selling ships before game is even out" thing.
2. Obfuscation: by not allowing discussion of some of the practices and fine points, such as price differential for early backers, newcomers may actually end up getting screwed. They think they're backing the dev, when in fact they're lining profiteers' pockets.

Comment Re:Hangings (Score 1) 1160

Actually it's factually correct, because life sentence does mean the thing I describe.

What you are describing is an exception made to those who are deemed to be still dangerous after having served their time. That has nothing to do with life sentence and can be applied to those serving shorter time as well.

Comment Re:Hangings (Score 1) 1160

I'm not sure. I've read the bible, and the god as old testament describes it is not really someone I could in any way shape or form relate to Jesus' teachings for example.

It's all about which part of the bible you focus on as the "right one". Same goes for most other major religions such as islam, buddhism, hinduism and so on.

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