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Comment Re:Insurance Policy? (Score 1) 293

Such a case would have game companies driving it. If game companies are extremely interested in this package not getting decrypted by everyone, they will not make crime reports, they will stall their help for any ongoing cases and may even ask authorities to drop the case entirely.

It's not so much blackmail as holding a hostage.

Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 2) 860

You make it sound like your vote would have mattered. You have a one party system with two separate arms with different names. The "other guy" would have done exactly the same things.

And population that is too busy trying to pay for the life style it's been told from birth it needs to maintain to be "a decent human being" can't afford to protest. Debts would crush their lives if they tried.

Comment Re:Violence (Score 1) 151

Again, storage type is irrelevant from privacy's point of view. All that matters is ability to continuously record data from the camera and feed it anywhere. Even if you never store it locally and instead send it to google (which is what the glass is designed to do in the first place), it's still the same issue.

Comment Re:Violence (Score 1) 151

STORAGE (which you are referring to) is irrelevant. The legislation is aimed to protect privacy. All you need is ability to constantly RECORD information. Glass does this, even if it doesn't store said information.

For example, dashcams function in a way very similar to that of glass.

Comment Re:USoE (Score 1) 154

Kindly quote where it says that. Again, according to the source (instead of sensationalist lie used in the topic) there is no mandatory minimum sentence. A nation state may adapt a minimum sentence of no punishment.

I'm guessing you're the standard anti-EU nutjob that happily swallows whatever lies are being fed to him without even bothering to look at the source to see that he's being told a bold faced lie.

Comment Re:This bs is top priority? for crying out loud. (Score 2) 154

Finland has no minimum wage. At all. We're still pretty high up, and our poverty rates are minimal.

Of course that is due to the fact that de facto minimal wage is agreed in negotiations between unions and union of employers for each industry typically on yearly basis among other things.

Comment Re:USoE (Score 5, Insightful) 154

Why, because of clickbait lie? Read the damn story.

Minimum sentence can be a fine, or nothing. But maximum sentence cannot be less then two years for hacking, and five years for hacking of critical infrastructure. Not to mention that European Parliament is a democratically elected legislative branch of EU, directly elected by member states' citizens. It's the most and arguably only democratic branch of EU.

Comment Re:Why is it a consumer isue? (Score 1) 282

Likely extremely. Terrorists need to be "legendary" in concept that they are rare enough so that most people have never known one. They need to remain elusive, scary, and potentially everywhere but not really seen. The big part of fear factor comes from the fact that few if any citizens ever came face to face with one, so fear of the unknown remains a healthy factor.

Comment Re:Constitution (Score 2) 568

What authorizes current government, or any government is not a piece of paper. It's a combination of people accepting the government and big movers and shakers behind the country accepting them to do their bidding.

Propaganda control is successful enough to push whatever result through to the general public.

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