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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 409

Corrected for more accuracy in the follow up. The meaning is that it de facto correct, even if not de jure. If you want to get money out of insurance company in Russia, you have to have perpetrator who hit you caught. That will rarely happen on your witness statement alone and police are generally unwilling and uncaring to start questioning others.

So you instead present them with dashcam video of perpetrator closing the loopholes and essentially forcing the insurance company to pay.

Comment Re:Scary idea (Score 2) 350

Having a lasting effect would be highly inadvisable. This is about suppressing one of the natural defense mechanisms of the body against certain type of toxin. The goal is not to actually disable this defense mechanism permanently, but to cause significant discomfort for the period of alcoholic trying to kick his habit. It's essentially an extra psychological factor that introduces "alcohol makes me sick" illusion to help combat the psychological aspect of dependency. After that, defense mechanism should restore itself ASAP.

This is why critics are worried that addiction would move to another subject in these cases. Because this basically makes one addiction feel terrible, but addicts psychological make-up, one that enabled the addiction in the first place remains untreated. I suspect this vaccine will be mainly used in treatments which also provide counseling to help combat the psychological aspect of addiction.

Comment Re:I'll take a shot... (Score 2) 350

This is about two things: dilution in stomach before it enters the bloodstream, slowing the absorption through stomach until it enters intestines and in blood and volume, less room in stomach for alcohol before stomach starts to tell your brain it's full and you should cut down on consumption.

Same thing is recommended for those on diet. When you are dieting and feel hungry, don't eat. Instead, drink water until you fill your stomach. The feeling of fullness removes (most of the) desire to eat.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 409

In Russia, insurance company will pay nothing if you claim someone hit you, but he runs and police doesn't catch him due to lack of evidence. Sure, you can get insurance without dashcam, but if you want to actually get paid by your insurance company when something happens, you either have dashcam or a very airtight case. Else you're SOL.

This is very different from EU, where in most countries insurance will pay for your losses if something like this happens even without police finding the perpetrator.

Comment Re:Problem with egos really (Score 4, Informative) 525

As far as possible. It's highly unlikely that weather alone would account for the massive differential between what CNN got and what Broder got. Read the CNN's article and compare their numbers to Broder's. You'd have to probably warm stuff up to tropical levels on the same route to get the discrepancy meaningful enough to account for Broder's account.

Comment Re:On injuries and damage (Score 4, Informative) 409

Update on 30 minutes ago:

According to RIA novosti news agency:
950 people wounded to some degree. Of these:
524 needed medical assistance
34 adults and 12 children hospitalized
2 people had to be put in intensive care

Most damage apparently came from shards of shattered glass wounding people.

Other set of figures is from federal government and that one specifies:
571 wounded to some degree
758 asked for medical assistance

It's also stated that they already found remains of one of the pieces in a local lake where meteorite punched through the ice and left shards on the site.

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