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Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 1) 280

Android has plenty of google's code, and is extremely likely bugged. I'd say that considering recent relevations, folks at NSA have been doing a stellar job of bugging everything and everyone. And I'd struggle to find any reason why one of their "model citizens", google wouldn't bug their OS for them.

Linux in general is a big question mark. On one hand, you can audit code. On the other hand, there's so much of it, and folks working at NSA are best in their field, so injection of specific bugs and backdoors in linux is extremely likely.

Comment Re:Soviet Microsoft (Score 1) 543

Thing with windows though, the source code is in fact available to governments that are in the special MS program aimed to make windows be eligible for certain high security government contracts. So if there are nasty backdoors that aren't discovered yet, it's exceptionally likely that they are approved by more then just NSA.

Fucking this up even once would result in shitstorm similar to one that is brewing over EU spying, only receving eng would be a company that would be crushed like a bug under weight of multiple sovereign governments who's yearly budgets are orders of magnitude bigger then MS's entire worth.

Comment Re: Google doesn't "freely give" away information. (Score 1) 778

If you do not understand the difference between owning a pipe and owning the container, you should start by educating yourself.

Owning the pipe means you need to replicate the container. Which is incredibly costly and difficult in case of google, likely borderline impossible with immense need of skilled labor much of which would be opposed to endeavor even with proper "encouragement" to the point of inserting intentional bugs and other sabotage.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 3, Informative) 133

It appears to be some sort of software managing logins to sites. Their site cites their clientele to be a lot of major companies, such as facebook, twitter, hulu and netflix.

I imagine if you have a backdoor into software that manages facebook's login systems, that's pretty damn major.

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 251

But you won't be able to install a newer card, because it won't have driver support. Current drivers do not have support for yet unreleased cards, which appears to be a big part of grandparent's decision.

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